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via @mhigby Mmmm lobster grilled cheese, u jelly?
via @PS_TRay: Checkmy grimace ima menace 2nc &tr rah, o da horrah,skulls crushd yall bustlights vs comin thru
via @mhigby people have asked how big the Magrider is, same as the other MBTs, a little wider. Here's a comparison w/ a TR HA.
via @mhigby Pulled-pork, so delicious. Check the Hood ornament, you can see that while driving too, for ballers only.
via @PS_TRay Hey ladies!!!??? Where all my female p-sider riders @ ? This one is for you
Was asked a customization range question. I call this show Pimp my Magrider! Caveat: some temp assets in here.
via @mhigby: Chorizo goes on burger, you can't explain that.
via @PS_TRay just rolling outta bed, as promised tell me what you think of this asset, keep? Or dump?
via @PS_TRay: Who is that shadowy figure? All will be revealed @ 1g
Comparison of Mosquito and Reaver
via @mhigby: Amp station making progress!
via @mhigby: Took my quad out for a spin and saw a pretty cool sunset... love this engine
via @PS_TRay: Animation work in progress. Chad Lichty and crew busted out the mocap
via @PS_TRay Alen working on building meshes
via @mhigby: Delicious sandwich from the deli near the office. My buddy @greeko says this is the best pastrami in the USA.
via @PS_TRay: Nanite systems cooking up a quad..
via @mhigby Really good cheeseburger today from @Chubbysfoodtruk! delicious!
via @mhigby Another #TRWeek behind the scenes screenshot. Check this badass out
via @PS_TRay Guess who showed up to the party? Its the monster truck rally..SUNDY SUNDY SUNDY!!!
via @mhigby Wow, 500 followers! #Planetside2 #BehindTheScenes heres another work in progress, of some awesome helmets
via @PS_TRay: Shout out to Phil Tseng head model @planetside2
via @mhigby BAM! 402 followers! As promised, heres a cool WIP, can u guess what it is? next badass behind the scenes at 500!
via @mhigby This is how I keep the rock hard abs.
via @PS_TRay: Smed issuing sage advice during our monthly product review.
via @PS_TRay Dracott working his a$$ off
via @PS_TRay Devin working the terrain like a mad man
via @PS_TRay The new hotness TEE ARRAH!!! @planetside2 word...
via @PS_TRay Look at that baby... Thats game rez. Bfwhat??? Forgetaboutit. @planetside2. Big ups 2 KRS-Lang
via @PS_TRay as you wish
via @PS_TRay Nanites all up in yo systems

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