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Additional Changes and Playtest
Enrico has posted additional changes to patch 3.11
  • The first time help icon has been replaced to a glowing exclamation point to coincide with the recent art changes.
  • Changed the Switchblade cert prerequisite to ATV
  • Players can create characters from all three empires now (Limits on switching back and forth still exist)
  • /appeal is being changed to pop up an external help browser to get assistance. You can choose to close it before launching the browser or proceed
  • More signs have been added to the sanctuary
  • Training Missions have been further revised
  • Tactical overlay settings are now saved
  • Edited vehicle first use help
  • Made Platoon chat color to a bright orange by default
  • Removed LFS toggle from chat window (Where it is located on the status window makes it obsolete)
  • ...and numerous other tweaks to UI, first time help, navigation and keymappings... Full list will be provided very soon
Additionally Voidrage has announced a playtest for March 13th.

Playtest -- March 13th, 2006 (Build 3.11) -- 3:00p Los Angeles / 6:00p New York / 11:00p UK

Continent: Searhus, Operation:  Crater of Doom, Death, and Dread!


  • VS Objective:  Use a NC or TR alt and join in on the fun!
  • NC Objective:  Crush the TR and force them out of Oro!
  • NC will start with Ngaru
  • TR Objective:  Crush the NC and force them out of Ngaru!
  • TR will start Oro
  • The rest of the continent will be slit up between the TR and NC so that both sides have all base benefits!
  • Please keep the fighting between these 2 bases.  If needed the NC may use Pele as a fall back base and the TR may use Akua as a fall back base should you lose your primary base.  
  • This will be an limited engagement scenario and the following rules apply:  Stay on Searhus!  Stay in the Crater!
  • Added fun stuff:  Both sides will have full module benefits!
  • TR will have NC vehicles!
  • NC will have TR vehicles!
  • The team with the lower population will also get VS vehicles!
  • The team with too many players will face random meteor strikes and VoidRage's magical CUD of unlimited OSs'.   Keep the teams even you nubs
For more details on the playtest click here.
2006-03-09 06:51 PM
Source: Devtracker
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2006-03-09 06:51 PM
[News] Additional Changes and Playtest

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