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GDC 2012 Roundup

This page contains all the GDC 2012 Media a PlanetSide 2 fan could hope for. Updates will be added as we get more information! If you see anything missing please let us know.

Gameplay Videos

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Several videos over at from the perspective of Luperza (Purrfectstorm)

PlanetSide Universe Q&A here.

Q: How will Infiltrators be able to sabotage enemy equipment?
A: By blowing equipment up. Gens will now be interactive things and not require heavy fire power to bring down.

Q: Are resources are gained both individually and by empire? will there be a correlation between them ensuring the players are mindful of both and not just their own?
A: Resource gain is based on territory held by the empire and paid out like dividends to everyone.

Game Reactor posted an interview with Josh Hackney

GameTrailers has posted a new interview with Matt Higby during GDC.  

I think you'll get the exact same spirit of the original PlanetSide, the idea of having giant coordinated battles that are taken place on the ground, in air, the ability for you to kinda in a free-form  way learn how to capture bases, learn how to go attack certain areas, learn what Empires have what type of advantages against you, and how to combat these advantages.  That's really the spirit of what made PlanetSide unique from a game play perspective, and we've carried over a lot of that stuff.

Higby also speaks more on the Forgelight engine:

So the Forgelight engine is more than just a graphics engine, Forgelight engine is actually a suite of a lot of different technologies from Guild servers, to the way our World servers are set up, the hierarchy of our chat system.  All these different pieces are all sort of part of what Forgelight is...

Check out the full video here!

Machinima posted an Interview with Art Director Tramell Ray Isaac.

Shacknews posted an interview with Matt Higby.

Shacknews has posted two new articles on PlanetSide 2, both interviews were done last week at GDC. The first article covers the Free to Play Model with Matt Higby.

Microtransactions, of course! However, creative director Matt Higby reassured us that the game won't be "pay-to-win." At Game Developers Conference last week, Higby promised that "anything that affects gameplay, such as grenades or medkits or implants that give you additional power within the game, will be exclusively unlocked via [in-game] resources."

The second interview talks about realtime data feeds for application developers.

While most multiplayer communities offer web-based stat tracking, SOE promises to take it "a step further" with PlanetSide 2. Creative director Matt Higby told us at Game Developers Conference about their plans to open up the real-time data of the game. "We're real interested in seeing the state of battles that are occurring on the map at any given time, seeing their friends that are online and fighting, being able to see what region they're fighting in."

"You'll be able to get access to all the weapon stats you want to see, all the world stats that are real-time, things like character stats," Higby explained.

Forum user shinything sent a Tweet to Higby asking about what sort of data feeds we will see.

it'll be JSON and XML. Most people will probably work in JSON. Data feeds will be live along with the game's beta.

The Verge posted an interview with Matt Higby

We spoke with Matthew Higby, the creative director of Planetside 2, to learn what sort of steps Sony Online Entertainment is taking to make sure Planetside 2 doesn't falter when it comes to reaching a broader audience while still offering a hardcore shooter experience. The main takeaway: If you're unwilling to pay a cent, you still stand a pretty good chance of besting a paying player.

You can check out the video over on The Verge.

Curse posted an interview with Senior Art Director Tramell Ray Isaac.

Community Q&A Via Reddit

Part 1
Part 2

T-Ray interview via ClevverGames

FPS Guru Interview and Preview. First up they have posted a preview.

The aircraft portion of the demo moves very fast with players being able to spec their aircraft for several different aspects of combat. There is air to air, or air to ground for players to choose from so they can impact the battle zones in different ways. The demo had the aircraft set up for ground combat so it launched missiles into the tanks and infantry. As the aircraft flew over the top it rained missiles down on the battlefield that caused a direct effect down below. Each faction has its own type of aircraft, but they an be set up and customized by players.

Next up they had an interview.

FPSGURU: PlanetSide 2 is said to be a re-imagining rather than a sequel. What was the choice for this?

Like any MMO game, PlanetSide has evolved in so many ways from its original launch, adding lots of new vehicles and weapons, as well as changing up the nature of the world of Auraxis. We wanted to revisit that starting point and build out PlanetSide 2 in a new way, giving the factions new motivations, storyline and objectives. We hired legendary comic book author Marv Wolfman to construct much of the game’s storyline and over the last few months we’ve been releasing backstory to illuminate the history of the war on Auraxis in a way that was never done before – this required us to leave behind some of the changes that happened in the storyline of the first game.

Gamespot Interview with Higby

Preview at Destructoid

What makes such epic possibilities even more appealing is the fact that PlansetSide 2 features a completely persistent world map. Each continent provides several marked, resource-laden areas for enemy factions to invade, capture and control -- distinguished by the color of the faction that owns them. Attack and defend as you please; nothing is planned or scripted. This made the conflicts in the original game much more personal than most other shooters around today, and I can imagine the same will be said about this upcoming sequel.

New Screenshots: (All images here: Image1, Image2, Image3, Image4, Image5, Image6, Image7, Image8, Image9, Image10, Image11, Image12.)

Massively GDC2012, SOE's PlanetSide 2 gunning for the big time.

Higby switched to a third-person camera on the Reaver and banked into a slow circle around a sprawling biolab capture point. The structure was a massive labyrinth of platforms and sci-fi heavy metal, and PlanetSide 2's scale became immediately apparent as the Reaver then headed off into the highlands surrounding the base.

If you're looking for a size comparison, Higby said this one capture point was the size of a standard Modern Warfare map, and of course the biolab is only one structure in one hex on a continent that can hold dozens of hexes (and there are three continents). Hands On Preview

Matt started the gameplay demo by showing us a fly-through of a contested zone on one of PlanetSide 2's gigantic maps with his flying Reaver, one of the game's many customizable vehicles. Attempting to take control of a disputed capture point which was contested in a large tank battle, he explained that his Reaver had been specced as a close air-to-ground support gunship, but could also be customized for air-to-air dogfights.

SOE was clear that they're only talking about a PC version of the game right now, and they haven't announced any beta dates yet. Even in its alpha stage, the MMOFPS is looking very, very sleek, and its stability in the demo, effective use of lighting in its day/night cycles, and overall polished design gave me the impression that the folks at SOE are on the right track with the development of the game. Exclusive Interview with T-Ray Can you hop into abandoned vehicles from the opposing faction? Can you steal enemy vehicles?
Tramell Ray Isaac: Basically jacking? It’s up for debate right now. It’s two different camps inside the building. Like, “Do we want jacking? How do you advance if you jack somebody’s vehicle?” It’s all because the cert tree actually goes based on the vehicle that you currently have in your faction. If I go steal a Vanguard and I’m on VS side, what happens? That’s the debate right now internally; some people want it, some people don’t.

IGN Article

Roles exist for all types of players. There are assault classes with jump jets that focus on basic weaponry and those built for support. Medics, engineers and specialized infiltrator classes are all available to help out with healing, surprise strikes and repairs. Considering how gigantic the continents are, managing respawn points will also be especially important. A vehicle called a Galaxy can be set down near the front lines of a fight to serve as a mobile spawn point. If you're the pilot, you gain experience every time another uses the Galaxy to spawn, rewarding those who prefer to stay off the front lines and encouraging team play.

NVidia Interview with Josh Hackney

PC Gamer Interview with Matt Higby

Advancement in tech, better broadband and the recent success of the free-to-play model might have something to do with the genre’s resurgence. Both Red 5 Studio’s Firefall and, of course, Planetside 2 are incoming, and neither will require a subscription fee. I’d bet a pound that it that Blizzard’s upcoming MMO, Project Titan, will also be a free-to-play FPS too.

This news post will be updated as more news comes in.

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