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The FAQ below is fairly advanced and involved. If you just want to drop on to IRC quickly you can use our Java Chat by clicking here. Now on to the FAQ!


Q: What is IRC?
A: IRC or Internet Relay Chat allows users to text chat online with other users by connecting to an IRC server using one of several IRC clients such as mIRC or Trillian.

Q: How do you connect to an IRC server?
Planetside-Universe uses its own IRC servers. The address is: port 6667

Q: When I first connect, I see that I am unregistered. What does this mean and how do I register?
ARegistering with the server allows you to have an identity that belongs to you and you alone. No one else can impersonate you. The registration process allows you to assign a password to your account in order to prove you are who you claim to be. You can register your nick by typing:

/ns register password email

Once done, that account is now yours. However, when you first connect to the server will need to prove you are the owner of that account. Failure to prove you are the owner will prevent you from having privileges on channels you normally have them in! This is how the system prevents someone else from taking and using your nickname. To prove you are the owner of the account, you must identify yourself by giving the password that you we given in the registration process. The authentication command can be entered as follows:

/ns identify password

Once properly identified, the system will notified you that your password has been accepted and recognizes you are the legitimate owner of the account.

Q: How do a join a channel once I get connected?
Simply type: /join #channel where #channel is the name of the channel you wish to join. All channel names start with the # character. The Planetside-Universe channel is: #ps-universe and AGN is: #AGN

Q: I know a channel on the server can be created simply by joining it. How do you control a channel so that it stays in the list and can not be taken over by other users?
In much the same way as nickname can be registered with a password, a channel can be registered as well. This allows the channel to remain in the list even if it is empty. It also gives the owner of the channel additional controls over the users in it. The command to register a channel is similar to registering a nick. Type:

/chanserv register channel password description

The CHANSERV (/cs) process is responsible for handling the control of channels in the IRC server. For a complete list of available chanserv commands, type: /chanserv help

Q: I am connected already on another IRC server. Is it possible to join the GameSurge IRC server at the same time as the server Im already connected to?
A: Yes. Depending on the client program you are using, the process varies somewhat. If you are using mIRC as your IRC client, please be sure to have the latest version (6.03 at the time of this writing). The newer versions of mIRC are multi-server capable. Trillian is also capable of connecting to more that one server at the same time. Specific details for configuring each program will be given in the IRC Advanced FAQ section.

IRC Advanced FAQ

Q: How do I connect to multiple servers at the same time?
Here are step-by-step layouts for mIRC and Trillian.

mIRC Instructions:


First you must enter the information for the new server you wish to connect to. This is done from the File -> Options -> Connect section:


Once you click add, fill in the information for the new server

Be sure to fill in the Group Name .. this will be useful later. Click the OK button.

At this point, a manual connection can be made by clicking the [Connect to IRC Server] button. If the New Server Window box is not checked, your existing server connection will be replaced by this one, so if you want both server connections at the same time, be sure you check the box.

Q: Is there a way to setup mIRC to auto-connect to multiple servers when I startup the program?
A: Yes. mIRC contains commands which support multi-server connections. By placing certain commands in the perform section, an automatic connection to another server can be achieved. Most people place their perform commands in the All Networks section. Since there are now multiple servers, you most likely wont want to perform the exact same commands when connecting to different servers. Therefore, perform commands need to be split up and grouped separately. In the example above, we added a new server and provided a group name for it as well. If your existing server doesnt have a group name defined, please add one now. (You can do this by going to File -> Options -> Connect and with your current server showing in the box, hit the [edit] button. Fill in a group name if there isnt one there already and click OK.

Now click on the Perform section just under the Connect section on the left side.

When you click [add], you should see a list of server groups. Find the group name of the new server you added as well as the group name of you existing server and add them both. When you are done, you should see both group names in the drop down list under Network:

By selecting the appropriate name from the drop down list, you will bring up the perform screen for just that server. These are the commands that will be performed upon connection to that specific server or server network. Since your original perform commands were probably in the All Networks section of the perform, you should highlight and cut them from the All Networks screen, switch to your original servers perform

screen and paste them in there. Otherwise, those commands will be sent to any server you connect to, followed by any commands contained in the specific servers perform section. Only place commands in the All Networks perform section if you intend those commands to be sent to every server you connect to. Here is our original servers perform screen, and the new PSU servers perform screen.

The final step of automating the multi-server connection process involves adding the following script command in the perform section of your original server.

if ($scid(0) == 1) /server -m PSU

Basically this states, that if there is only one connection, then proceed to open a new connection in a new server window to group PSU

Please see the mIRC Multi-Server Functions section below for additional details on these commands.

Trillian Instructions:
Once Trillian is open, right click the Trillian icon in the system tray and select Connection Manager from the menu. Under the drop box in the upper left, select IRC. Here is an example of an existing Account.

Click the [Add] button to put in the information for the new server.

Once the information is entered, click [OK]

Each server entry has its own Perform section to enter commands upon connection to that server. Click the [Perform Buffer] tab and enter any commands you wish to be sent to that sever.

Your IRC section of Trillian should then show both server networks.


mIRC Multi-Server Functions:

Q: Are there mIRC scripting commands to deal with multiple servers?
Yes. mIRC has several multi-server commands. These can be used in remote scripts and alias commands, for example to make nick changes across multiple servers, or in perform sections, for example to join another server.

/server [-m] server|group [-i nick alternate_nick username email]

This command connects to a new server. If -m is specified, the onnection to the new server is opened in a new window rather than replacing the existing server connection. (-m = multi-server connection)

Example: /server -m PSU

If -i is specified, you can supply different connection values than those currently used on the existing connection.

Example: /server -m PSU -i marsman mars1 Mars2000


This command returns the number of existing connections. This is useful in combination with the above command for perform scripts. If we place the /server command as the last line in the original servers perform script, itll make a connection to the specified server when the original server connects. Now what if the original server goes down, and then comes back up and you re-connect? The perform script for the original server will

execute again and make another connection to the second server. To prevent this, we can use this command to find out how many connections we currently have. If the is just one, then it is safe to make the second connection. Here is an example of the combined commands. Use a line like this to make the mIRC program auto-connect to 2 servers upon startup.

If ($scid(0) == 1) /server -m PSU

Unless you would like to know more about multi-server mIRC commands, this is as far as you need to read for basic automatic multi-server connections. For Alias and Remote script programmers, the following section may be of interest.

Additional Multi-Server Functions:

The remaining commands can be broken up into two pairs of commands. In each pair of commands, one command displays the specified servers information and the other command changes the connection to the specified server. One pair used what mIRC calls a CID or Connection ID value. The other pair uses the number of connections as its reference (1 being the first server connection, 2 being the second server connection,

etc...). Since a CID is assigned at startup and incremented at each server connection, these two pairs might appear to do the same thing at first glance. Consider the following example:


On Initial Program After Server 2 has dropped

and re-connected

Server 1: Connection 1 Server 1: Connection 1

Server 2: Connection 2 Server 2: Connection 2

Server 1: CID 1 Server 1: CID 1

Server 2: CID 2 Server 2: CID 3


As you can see CID will change on each connection so the command pair which uses connection numbers is easier to use in scripts as the references to servers tend to remain consistent.

Commands using Connection Number:

$scon(N) where N is the Nth Connection

This command returns the $CID value of the Nth connection.

/scon [-a] N command where N is the Nth Connection

This command switches to the Nth server connection. If a command is supplied, that command will be performed after the switch. The -a is only available when a command is specified and means send command to ALL connections. (When -a is used, N is omitted from command line.)

Commands using CID Number:

These commands work exactly the same as the ones above, but use CID values instead of connection numbers.

The display command is: $scid(N) and the switch connection command is: /scid N in both cases, N is a cid value.

Example Script Uses:

If you use an Alias command to change your nick to indicate away status, you can use these commands to carry the nick change across multiple server connections as in the following examples:

/nia /scon -a /tnick Marsman|Away

/ni /scon -a /nick Marsman

If you have different nicks on different networks, you stack commands on the same alias line:

/ni /scon 1 /nick CDL_Marsman | /scon 2 /nick PSU-Marsman

Additional parameters exist for these commands. Only the basics are covered here. Please see the mIRC help file for more information.

If all of this really has your brain melting, you can also use our Java IRC chat, while not as good as mirc, or some of the alternatives. It does the job.

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