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Twitter Q&A September 16th

If you missed the PlanetSide 2 Twitter Interview back on September 16th we have transcribed the entire thing for your reading pleasure! Click one of the links below to skip directly to a specific developer, or read on for the entire list.

@mhigby (Matt Higby) answers:

Q: How will resources really work? How useful will they be? Who will actually "earn" them - each player, or the faction too?

A: resources will help you do everything from unlocking items, addons, or even accelerate cert learning-they're integral -Source

Q: will we be getting more faction only weapons on top of the classics?

A: Yes, a lot of new faction specific infantry weapons, lots of "variants" of those weapons too for more variety. -Source

Q: Merits/Achievements? I loved them in the original, and I think the most I've seen so far is a maybe. Any additional thought?

A: we've got a system like the merits system that will be extremely robust. -Source

Q: Will there be medical Terminals... If so, will there be a voice macro to destroy them

A: no plans for medical terminals right now. -Source

Q: Are there any restrictions spawning in a galaxy? Does it need to be hovering? Flying slow?

A: No plans for restrictions right now, but that might change when we balance test more extensively (like everything!) -Source

Q: Will bases be strictly in one grid-hex, or may one base be spread out over multiple hexes as well?

A: Bases will definitely span multiple hexes. The grid will be pretty granular. Right now a facility is roughly 7 hexes -Source

Q: Will there be a form of long range artillery, good sir Higby?

A: We're trying to emphasize more direct warfare, so indirect artillery isn't on the top of our priority list ATM -Source

Q: will there still be stamina? or will there be like a sprint ability?

A: Theres no stamina, sprinting is available on all infantry, but, it's faster or slower depending on role/class -Source

Q: How much did the lore change? Are all the vehicles still assembled by nanites?

A: we're definitely changing lore - those of you interested in story are going to be STOKED at what we're doing. -Source

Q: Hoping the PS2 outfit UI will better allow me to create outfit events like tank groups, with calender/msg system to O-members.

A: Our plan is to allow you to use the mission system to do this type of coordination for your outfit. -Source

Q: will facilities still have an SOI?

A: Yep, it's pretty much the region that the facility is in. -Source

Q: Since there is no longer a sanctuary, what happens upon logging into the game?

A: you're presented with a world map showing available missions and transition to partake in any of them immediately -Source

Q: Any Plans for Empire Specific HUDs in the game? Easy way to show the uniqueness of every empire.

A: Ya know, we talked about this a bit -we want to get one HUD perfect then we'll see. Vehicle HUDs are unique. -Source

Q: with no stamina how do you plan to account for bunny hoppers?

A: ridicule them incessantly for not knowing how to play? It won't give you much of an advantage in PS2. -Source

Q: Will outfits be able to customize parts of their armour to make them stand out as an outfit on the battlefield?

A: Absolutely. the plan is to allow leader / designee to create a 'uniform' and then you, as a member easily select it. -Source

Q: so ADAD spamming is still gonna be common place as well? Cuz annoying!

A: I sure hope not. Our updated netcode should really mitigate that little "feature", haha -Source

Q: Hows it looking for Vehicle enter and exit animations? Any updates? Yes/No/After Release?

A: Animations are a no, sorry, i know some of you guys love em. There will very likely be vehicle "start up sequences" -Source

Q: Will the GUI be customizable a la WoW?

A: Not currently. We do want to give players UI customization options and mods at some point. Stay tuned on that. -Source

Q: Will the sun's glare effect pilots or other aspects of the game?

A: not through some set mechanic although it's possible that the bloom would occlude under some circumstances. -Source

Q: Will there be different voices for voice macros?

A: Yep, although the exact number I'm not sure on right now. There will be some variants per empire too. -Source

Q: since the galaxy also acts as a ams now will it have some sort of deployed version or will it just rain troops from the air?

A: Galaxy deploying and making a ground "fortress" is something we've discussed a lot. Not 100% sure it will make it in -Source

Q: Will there be a area to see all your stats possible on your character? (on the web or mobile)

A: Yes, web and in game. We'll be externalizing a LOT of game data for people to play with, make apps with, etc. -Source

Q: Is the Phantasm going in? Or any sort of stealth vehicles. Volumetric clouds are awesome but is there stealth too?

A: No stealth vehicles currently slated for LAUNCH. -Source

Q: Is it still one continent at launch? What happens if there's a peak of online users, and that single continent becomes full?

A: We'll be shipping with more than one continent. -Source

Q: training speed offline vs online? 2-to-1?

A: less than that. Online training speed is based on activity, currently you can build up to a 50% boost. -Source

Q: do bases still have generators?

A: Yes, but not the same kind as PlanetSide The First. -Source

Q: How many players will a continent support? Is it really 2000?

A: Thousands is the goal, man. Obviously we're still working really hard to make that happen. Lots of optimization. -Source

Q: Is Commander or Squad leader going to be a role as such? Or are you command certs going to carry over if you play a medic?

A: You can be a squad leader as any class, you get some awesome passive perks and coordination tools. -Source

Q: Awesomesauce. Also, when you mentioned "biospheres", you meant different environment types on a single continent?

A: Yep, exactly. We want the continents to be varied. So you might have conifer forest, Glacier, and alpine peaks. -Source

Q: Will there ever be MAC support?

A: Not on the schedule right now that I know of. I hope so eventually, though! -Source

Q: will we see base type benefits a la PS1?

A: currently facilities don't carry the same sort of benefits as on PS1. This is something that might change. -Source

Q: The AMS may have been slow, but it served a vital purpose. Will there be a ground-based cloakable spawn point of some sort?

A: infiltrators in your squad when you have a squadleader with squad spawning spec'd. <trollface> -Source

Q: going f2p is a great idea but isn't it opening up to to aimbotters to over run the game get ban make a new account

A: We're taking hacks VERY seriously in PS2 yes F2P makes it difficult to police, but we're already working on solutions -Source

Q: Is there going to be a pilot class? In ps1 you needed agile, in ps2 is the class that boosts vehicles?

A: There isn't a "pilot class" for vehicles. Any non-heavy infantry class can pilot / gun in a vehicle. -Source

Q: Will you share a list of voice macros with us, before you start recording? We might need some weird, non-obvious stuff.

A: No, but start a thread on it in the psu ps2 ideas forum and if I see new ones I'll get them added to the list. Cool? -Source

Q: I see you take a lot of influence from EVE Online, will there be killboards that can list all of the kills of a player or outfit?

A: Yes, absolutely. We're planning on having extensive leaderboards in game and web, you'll be able to see lots of cool stuff -Source

Q: I also see and am glad that Battlefield 2 BC influenced your team a lot, will there be pins and medals like BF:BC2?

A: we have similar achievement system, but not identical. -Source

Q: The six classes are MAX, Heavy Infantry, Medic, Engy, Cloaker, Jetpack. Confirm/Deny?

A: pretty close. -Source

@ps_tray (Tramell Isaac) answers:

Q: MAXes (at & maxes ironic I know!) Will MAX armors be given any kind of melee attack & will jump jets still exist or be modded?

A: max suits do indeed have a melee attack -Source

Q: Will visual / UI accommodations be made for players with color-deficiency or motion-sickness to make the game more playable?

A: I do believe that the UI will be customizable. -Source

Q: WIll there be voice chat groups like PS1 had for for text or will it be for squads only?

A: yes, voice chat is built in -Source

Q: Which game engine is PS2 using?

A: Planetside 2 is using our own FORGELIGHT tm engine -Source

Q: Will bases still have semi-automated defence systems?

A: automatic and manned defenses for all bases -Source

Q: Does the game have Duel Monitor Support..Example Supreme commander. So I can command more efficiently while playing

A: not at this moment but that is something that we can add -Source

Q: Will the empire themes for TR (more guns) NC (hit hard) and VS (versatility) still be continued in PS2?

A: yes, the basic faction truths are still intact -Source

Q: cosmetic armor customization? Or would that hurt performance?

A: Not at all the game is being built to support them customization is not an after thought -Source

Q: Can I still suicide my Gal into groups of players?

A: if that is the way you want to play lol -Source

Q: will the TR prowler be a little leener in #planetside2 or is it still a fatty? :P

A: the prowler is a force to be reckoned with and it looks the way it should -Source

Q: Based on the latest screens, will default uniforms use different color (camouflage) schemes, based on the continent?

A: the latest screens show characters without tints. tints can be patterns or solids chosen by the player -Source

Q: What's the big awesome ship in the sky of the concept art? Will that be in for launch?

A: undecided -Source

Q: Can infiltrators be medics at the same time?

A: stealth and medic are two different classes -Source

Q: What's the most awesome place on a Magrider to put a decal, and what would that decal be?

A: decal positions will be up to the player -Source

Q: what weapons will be returning from PS1?

A: we are working to bring pretty much all of them back in some form or fashion -Source

Q: What's the current take on friendly fire? Off? Reduced friendly damage? FF on, but no AoE spam weapons?

A: i believe the current stance is FF on -Source

Q: With Core Combat not being the best, are you planning on keeping BFRs?

A: I personally hope they come back, I think we can make them awesome the second go round -Source

Q: Hoping Planetside 2 feels like PS1, a lost brother of the Tribes games, and not a modern war shooter.

A: we will make sure that it feels like planetside -Source

Q: How much did the lore change? Are all the vehicles still assembled by nanites?

A: nanites rule the world. the lore in that area is pretty much the same -Source

Q: Will there be different hair styles for our characters? Can we have "The Higby"?

A: how many different hair styles do you see in the army? -Source

Q: Will outfits be able to customize parts of their armour to make them stand out as an outfit on the battlefield?

A: we will offer a number of ways for outfit and players to customize themselves thru progression and or purchase -Source

Q: Are we able to reserve outfit/nick names?

A: thats a pretty good idea, running it up the flag pole -Source

Q: Hows it looking for Vehicle enter and exit animations? Any updates? Yes/No/After Release?

A: as of right now, they are not in the game -Source

Q: Since it'll be easier to kill in PS2, how easy will it be to take down a vehicle compared to PS1?

A: beta testing will provide us with the right level of balance. hard to say right now -Source

@soe_hack (Josh Hackney) answers:

Q: How will Hvy-Aslt function? Slow moving and heavy suppression, or will it be more like PS1 where it was for fast close-quarter?

A: we're really looking at the balance on all classes against each other -Source

Q: Which game engine is PS2 using?

A: our internal Forgelight Engine -Source

Q: Will there be opportunities for PS veterans with limited (less than 3 years) industry experience to join the PS2 dev team?

A: we're always looking for good folks and review every resume that comes in -Source

Q: Will bases still have semi-automated defence systems?

A: at some level definitely, how far we take it is really based on gameplay and balance -Source

Q: Will the empire themes for TR (more guns) NC (hit hard) and VS (versatility) still be continued in PS2?

A: there are definitely themes to them -Source

Q: cosmetic armor customization? Or would that hurt performance?

A: there will definitely be armor customization -Source

Q: Around what month are you looking to shoot for Closed/Open Betas?

A: not announced yet -Source

Q: Any idea on weapon draw-hoslter/reload times (in general, such as PS1 had very slow draw times)? Or is it still being iterated?

A: we're going to be iterating on the feel through beta, but close to what you'd expect in games today -Source

Q: How will sniping work in PS2? Is there a bullet delay, and what are the shots for a kill like? Headshots = kill?

A: headshot = headshot -Source

Q: Will Planetside 2 be playable on Windows XP?

A: yep -Source

Q: Can infiltrators be medics at the same time?

A: not necessarily, but we are looking at ways you can support your squad -Source

Q: Will PlanetSide 2 be available on Steam? The exposure on Steam's front page would definitely boost PS2's exposure

A: we haven't announced any specifics yet about steam or otherwise -Source

Q: Any word on a quick knife vs equipped knife?

A: you will be able to stab people... -Source

Q: So, a Magrider driver is also its gunner? Can i still let a mate take the main gun and i just drive?

A: magriders still have passenger gunners -Source

Q: Towers look a lot larger. Will taking facilities boil still down to hacking one console, or will there be more objectives?

A: there are multiple objectives in taking a facility -Source

Q: How will resources really work? How useful will they be? Who will actually "earn" them - each player, or the faction too?

A: Resources will be acquirable by individuals -Source

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