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Re: PlanetSide Next Reaver Exclusive

Originally Posted by 0Shadow0 View Post
As much as you love the NC, you can't deny everything looks better in black and red

Let's see some TR next time please
If by black and red you mean the fluids leaking from a TR soldier's brains when I make them into a smear on the front of my Reaver then yeah.. everything looks better in black and red! ( I like purple too btw... Vanu bleed too!)

NC ftw!

And all you people saying "that looks like a mosquito".. you haven't seen the mosquito yet (I guess I just confirmed that we HAVE a mosquito)...we're striking a balance between old and new that you should judge for yourself when you see it all in the game.

And all you pilots out there. These are not your daddy's toys. They have a whole new physics and feel to them that will require skilled pilots and will absolutely separate the men from the boys in the cockpit. We've put a lot of time and energy into how things feel in this game.


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