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Re: Higby Outlines this Months Patch

Meh, it's okay I guess. I'll probably play a few days to try it. But it fails to address many problems.

Even if spawns are less campable, bases are still poorly designed. This is especially true for minor outposts. I do like the addition of tunnels, though, and tank/aircraft nerfs are always good.

Really dumb that they bended to the will of Buzzcutpsycho in just flat nerfing kill EXP for everyone, even infantry players. I laughed at the "tweaks" to support exp also, support already gets a ton of exp. The entire game will be engineer/medics just trying to farm exp because kills will give you none. If there's one thing the game DIDN'T need, it's lowering the rate of cert gain even more.

SMG's are just a moneygrabbing addition though. You know what an "SMG" in gaming terms is in PS2? A carbine. The last thing this game needs is more boring automatic weapons that effectively serve the same purpose, but I guess Higby needs his paycheck.

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