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Re: Planetside 2 Benchmarks?

I recently purchased a video card so I spent quite a bit of time surveying players on what kind of cards they were using and what performance they were seeing.

The gist of it is that

GTX 690's probably get you 85-120FPS average on High Settings.
GTX 680's probably get you 70-100FPS average on High Settings.
GTX 670's probably get you 65-85FPS average on High Settings.
GTX 660Ti's probably get you 55-75FPS average on High Settings.
GTX 660's probably get you 45-65FPS average on High Settings.

All of this would be for a normal 1080p single monitor.

But it is also heavily dependant on your CPU. If you have a good CPU then you will probably see the numbers above.

In some situations even a 1000$ 690 might be getting 45 FPS in super large battle because of the game still having issues in certain situations that they havent ironed out yet.

That is just a rough estimate from the numbers I believed when I asked people. Some people will say you get 120FPS with a 660TI but that is in small scale combat without alot of people around. So these numbers above are what I gathered about large battles, or at least a typical battle. And not just sitting around in the warpgate.

Hopefully these numbers will continue to rise as optimizations are made and/or drivers improved.

I only listed Nvidia cards because those are the cards with PhysX, which Planetside 2 will support. By using PhysX you will get a bunch more eye candy and special effects.

I ended up purchasing an overclocked 660TI because they perform similiar to how a 670 would and for 100$ cheaper. I plan to get another and use them in SLI a few months down the road. I have an i7 3770K CPU with a Z77 Sabertooth motherboard, 2133mhz RAM, and an SSD hard drive.

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