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Re: Planetside 2 Benchmarks?

Originally Posted by Rago View Post
This is really depending on you cpu.

High Settings
I run a 670 and have 43FPS lowest in big battles, on the Warpgate its around 80FPS.

Openfield or inside a building with no one around over hundred (3570k).[Even with Vsync, what seems to be broken ingame]Should be arround 60Hz,..

Low Settings
670 = AMD 1100T in big battles or more busy areas 25 FPS lowest, at the warpgate or empty open Field around 60 FPS

I bought a new pc rig because SOe Forced me to do so, because i want to play Smooth
I got a 2500k. Shit performance for my rig. Doesn't improve with lower gfx.
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