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I have been thinking lately how to generator drops a more interesting tactic and less of a fast I-WIN-button tactic.

What if...
When you destroy the generator, the base will switch to emergency power power. This will prevent the base the base from shutting down completely, but only for a short amount of time, like 5 minutes. (this of course can be tested in beta)
After 5 minutes, the gen will go down completely and it will have the same effect as a gen drop currently has.

The defending team has to try to repair the gen within the timer to prevent the base from going down and maybe losing the base.
The attacking team has to defend the generator to prevent the defending team from repairing the generator.

Also some alternative effects of having a base running on alternative power is for example that you cannot get vehicles anymore, because it takes too much power. With this, gen dropping a base can still make the enemy empire having problems getting armor, but still make it possible for them to spawn there.

What do you guys think? Don't be too harsh please...
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