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You and one of another of your crazy ideas again? OUT!

Seriously: bad idea, really bad idea. The problem with gendropping isnt the dropping, its the idiots that dont understand that a gen needs to be protected as well. And it is easy to protect: If you have all base entrances and the main lobby/cc under control, just pass the gen every few minutes to check for possible cloakers. You will be fine that way.
If you loose a base entrance, check more often for cloakers while making sure the enemy zerg cant push to the gen.
If you loose main lobby/CC, defend the gen at all time with a few guys. Just make sure no AV max can run throu the open doors (door virus/CC hack) and kill the gen alone.

And bang, you are fine. No need for another system that makes the valid tactic of blowing the gen by yourself impossible. Guard your stuff, or loose it, it is that simple.

and about the i-win button thingy: a few days ago, on esamir, VS had Dagon, Jarl and the Dropship. Vs had to defend Dagur mostly, because of a ongoing NC vehicle push. Jarl was CEd up, but almost completly empty.
Renegade Legion, a NC outfit, tried SEVERAL times to galdrop and genhold Jarl. Every time they tried, the VS fought at Dagur and only a few at Jarl, not enough to have a chance against the NC. EVERY time the NC tried, the VS managed to kill themself at Dagur, spawn over to Jarl (bound there), and grab gear to counter the NC, and that in the time it took to discover the Galdrop-NC kill gen, mostly just half a minute.
Every time, we managed to attack the NC at the gen level before they could even kill and evacuate the gen. Every time we killed a few before they got ready to fully defend. Every time we forced the to hold inside the gen, and every time we managed to remove them and fix the gen within 3 minutes of the gen going down.
Dont get me Wrong, Renegade Legion isnt a bad outfit. They had quite a bunch of people, and they know how to do stuff, but they had no chance against the VS zerg that always appeared when they hit Jarl. It was at least a 2-1 ratio.
And you tell me a Gen Kill is a I-WIN button? It is not, and never was. And just because you fail to counter it doesnt mean there needs to be a system to help you. Just start learing to adapt to situations rather than starting to cry.

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