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Old 2012-06-20, 05:53 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
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Exclamation Wiki Policies and Direction

The goal of the PSU Wiki is to be the primary source of information of all things related to PlanetSide 2. This is a community resource and is only possible if we get a lot of community help! We invite you to help out on the wiki.

Please keep in mind the following points regarding wiki etiquette and our vision of the wiki:
  • The Wiki is primarily a PlanetSide 2 resource. Do not add pages that only apply to PlanetSide 1. It is acceptable to have a PlanetSide 1 section on a page to give a brief history in PS1 for pages that overlap both games.
  • When editing pages, please try to put something in the summary box at the bottom. This helps others see what was changed at a glance. For example, if you fixed a small spelling error, put "spelling" in the summary box.
  • When making a new page, make sure to add a category. If, after a reasonable search, no category fits, make a new one.
  • Do not create pages about players. This info should go on their user page. Pages dedicated to SOE developers are permitted, however.
  • Outfit pages should be in the Outfit namespace (i.e. should start with "Outfit:" in their names). Do not put outfit advertisements in game data pages. Be sure to update the List of Outfits page when making an addition.
  • Do not create redirect pages that point to outfit pages. Tags and abbreviations can be put in the Template:Outfit template or just somewhere in the text of the outfit page so that it turns up in a wiki search.
  • Keep info on pages as unbiased as possible. Your opinions should not be reflected in game pages. Pages about tactics are acceptable, but they should go on their own page and be categorized as such.
  • Use the "Show Preview" button before submitting your edits. If there is a problem, you can fix it before submitting. This saves others from having to go through multiple edits to see what was changed.
  • Use the discussion tab on each page to discuss the layout and content of the page. You can also do that on these forums.
  • Before undertaking any big organizational changes or templates, post about it here so we can all agree and not waste each other's time.
When uploading files to the Wiki, please adhere to the following policy:
  • The image file should have a name that clearly describes what the image is about. If you are uploading an image of a common pool object, include the Empire affiliation the object has in the image (ie. Lightning_TR or Infiltrator_VS). If you are uploading a map of a continent, a logo for an Outfit or an icon, include it in your filename.
  • Images should be uploaded at the highest possible quality. If you are taking screenshots, make sure all your settings are set to "maximum" and "on". If you are uploading an image found online, make sure it's the highest resolution version available.
  • The object of your image should be shown fully and as big as possible. Make sure you are zoomed in as much as possible without cutting off any parts of the object. Images should be cropped to only show information relevant to the object.
  • Images should be clean of all game information, such as the HUD, nameplates, statistics and anything else that can be turned off.
  • Multiple images on the same subject is fine, but make sure they are noteably different. Think about angle, state (deployed, in the air, etc.) and Empire affiliation.
Images intended for Outfit or User page purposes are exempt from these policies, with the exception of the filename policy.

Your active Wiki administrators are Quovatis, MasterCalaelen, and Gryphon.

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Re: Wiki Policies and Direction

Updated with no redirect to outfit pages policy. This is to ensure game abbreviations are not taken up by outfit pages. Be sure to put any abbreviation of your outfit somewhere on your outfit page so that it shows up in a wiki search. That way others can still find you by the abbreviation/tag.
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Re: Wiki Policies and Direction

Updated the thread with our policy for image uploads on the Wiki.
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