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PSU: And what makes them so "sovereign?"
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The Oracle of Death, Part II

9-25-2013 Update: All commands are now available via PM. This should be your preferred query method unless you are in an active discussion on the result and need to display it in the channel.

The Oracle of Death is in live alpha. She sits in waiting, her only purpose to answer your questions. What does live alpha mean?
  • Shit breaks.
  • Functionality is minimal.
  • Anything may change for any or no reason.

But, in the mean time, get your daily stat comparisons by your own hand. How do you commune with the Oracle? Connect your IRC client to, channel #planetside2.

What can you do with the Oracle?

!oracle list types
An enumeration of all of PS2's item categories, filtered for things that can actually show up in a kill log. Listed for convenience in next post.

!oracle list weapons [type_id]
An enumeration of all of the weapons for that particular type. Not currently broken out by faction, but that's next.

!oracle ask weapon [weapon_id]
The things you're used to - kills, uniques, kpu, etc. By default, the time period will be the last complete 24 hour period ending in 06:30 UTC - PS2's kill nadir, when Oracle maintenance is run. If you actually know what period you're looking for, you can also run . . .

!oracle ask weapon [weapon_id] [period_id]
Want to know which time period is which?

!oracle list periods
Perhaps you just want to cut to the chase and get everything the Oracle knows about a weapon. In that case:

!oracle dump weapon [weapon_id]

An important note: I am not currently optimized for message passing, and the server will throttle the Oracle. If lots of people make requests at the same time, especially for lists, there will be a delay as the IRC server queues out response lines. Do not ask twice - you will be answered. Slashnet may or may not be the Oracle's final home. A server with liberal flood whitelists might be ideal.

/me coughs politely

So! Have fun, say hi to the FKPK guys, ask anything. The Oracle awaits.

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