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All Good Things

Over ten years ago I started a little website called PlanetSide Universe. Little did I realize back then how many amazing experiences this seemingly small thing would give me. I’ve had the pleasure to build some friendships that will last a lifetime and meet so many people I never would have met without this game.

It’s with a heavy heart that I report today we will be “Soft Closing” PSU. What does this mean exactly? This means at least one new thing:

A few services will go offline and the site itself will cease to be updated.

  • IRC will be shut down effective January 1st
  • TeamSpeak 3 will be shut down effective January 1st
  • News and Updates will no longer be posted on the front page.
  • Twitter and Facebook pages will only exist to occasionally retweet and reshare news.
  • The Wiki will remain online but will not receive new functionality or official updates.
  • Advertisements will be disabled
What will not change:
  • The site itself will remain online, our stat and character pages will continue to function.
  • The forums will remain online due to the requirement to have a forum account to claim characters and create signatures.
The reasons I have decided to do this are many, I’m not going to delve into them all here but in the comments if you have any questions please post them up. There’s a few people that are hugely responsible for the success of this website over the years and I can’t possibly list everyone. If you aren’t here and you have contributed I extend my personal thanks.
  • John Smedley - this one is a no brainer. John was instrumental in helping us out through the years and always willing to listen to my personal feedback about the goings on in the game and community. We didn’t always see eye to eye, but I consider John a friend and I’m not sure if we would still be here today without him.
  • T-Ray - I don’t even know where to begin with this one, T-Ray over the years from the original game up until he left PlanetSide 2 was always in our corner and obviously is one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.
  • Matt Higby - Always supportive of our site and always willing to sit down for a face to face interview or live Q&A. I’ll never forget the first time I met him and he told me how much he loved PSU and how it was a huge source of feedback during pre-release of PS2. Him and T-Ray were the best dev duo of all time.
  • Adam Clegg aka Arclegger - Clegg was always around to support our live streams, help us to promote our events and post on the forums. During our few trips out to San Diego he showed us the ropes of what really goes into game development, the tools behind the scenes, the discussions and more. I count Adam among my friends and will continue to stay in contact with him.
  • RadarX - Community at SOE/DBG have always been awesome. I never felt afraid to vent my frustrations with current events to Radar and ask for advice. He helped so much over the years in so many ways I can’t list them all.
  • Dave Georgeson - Dave was the first developer who I ever reached out to on PlanetSide, and it was Dave who got us linked up with SOE. He’s been hugely supportive to us over the years and if not for him we probably wouldn’t have lasted more than a couple of years.
  • Gryphon - This site would be nothing without him. He was the coder behind the scenes who pretty much built this entire website. forum integrations, signatures, character pages, news, content pages.. everything. He worked so many tireless unpaid hours to help build this site over the years. Most folks in the community didn’t know him well, but without him you wouldn’t have 95% of the features on the site.
Last but certainly not least, Jennyboo. She’s supported not only PSU but me throughout the years. She’s been around through all the good times and the hard times. She’s one of the most amazing people I know, and she has the ability to talk to literally anyone. So many of the connections we have made over the years were thanks to her.

This is just a short list of people - there are sooo many more.

And with that thank all of you for continuing to support us over the years. I will still be on Discord as mentioned previously and Twitter as @CDLHamma, just don’t be surprised when there are very few PlanetSide related tweets. I’ll also continue to follow the forum moderation notices for spammers and forgotten passwords.

Thank you all for your continued support over the years, we’ve had some great times.

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