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Community Clash Tonight

We are proud to announce that we are teaming up with ReachCast Show to bring you a one of a kind competition called Community Clash! In this weekly series we will bring you organized fights from across Auraxis in a way never before covered in a PlanetSide 2 online stream. Join us for multiple Observer aka "SkyCam" angles and in the future, first person views from both teams. This weeks first joint broadcast will feature DasAnfall vs Black Widow Company! Tune in and watch them fight it out live TONIGHT at 8PM Central! Not sure what time that is for you? Hit up the time zone converter. The hosts will be a combined team of AGN and ReachCast

Tune in on our specially designed Community Clash page for information about the show, participants and more complete with live chat. Want to participate in future events? Simply fill out this form for your chance to compete in a future Community Clash.

Remember to subscribe to us on YouTube and follow us on TwitchTV and you will never miss any of our exclusive AGN ReachCast Events!

2013-08-14 10:59 AM
Latest Comments
2013-08-15 10:09 AM
Re: Community Clash Tonight

Check out the recording:

2013-08-15 01:39 PM
Re: Community Clash Recording and Feedback

To be quite honest with you I found it rather bush league.
2013-08-15 01:52 PM
Re: Community Clash Recording and Feedback

its me dman or dd01 dd02 dd03 in game ok if u want mass feed back and geekgazums we need to speek hers a Tip run the nex maches on the test server A the devs can seet stuff up for u and B no 1 will bug u C u all get licke 10000 serts and u cant do the nex mach on hossn and get seek peeks on new things with yoda and devs we want a tree bace on hossn im thinking 6 of them big arss trees will do to get a tree fort going. PSU FNO reach cast pless speek with me i test stuff licke crazy. and got bug fixes feed back and geekgazums for u i play all empiers 50+ my vs80+im vs for life ps1 vet and im in the lab testing the tr nc gear for weak spots pless we need to chat i got sum big plans for ps and eq stuff no uther game can do.. soery for mybad spelling dislexik cant help it so i got TS Vent Skype i do beter on the M I C. love to reach cast FNO AGN im a big fan GJ and tell higgls ill nevr forgive him for cheeting at MLG ban higby from the game kill the trool nc cheeting OP muchy MAXypad fart sucker i hope u get big zits
2013-08-15 02:31 PM
Re: Community Clash Recording and Feedback

Originally Posted by dustin View Post
It was on the test server
2013-08-15 02:46 PM
Re: Community Clash Recording and Feedback

Originally Posted by Calista View Post
To be quite honest with you I found it rather bush league.
Which means exactly what? A bit more detailed feedback may help us to improve it.
2013-08-15 03:50 PM
Re: Community Clash Recording and Feedback

Great job by DasAnfall and Black Widow Company! You two gave us great fights and also are showing a lot of us how best to assault the bases you fought at.

Congratulations to both Reach Cast Show and AGN for their teamwork in getting this up and going. I know it's hard work trying to get different technologies to work together. There's room for improvement but I think that, for a first time, you guys did great.

A couple of ideas;
For the rosters. What you can do is zoom over the page while someone is reading them off, much like TV does with the NFL. Or you could consider making your own 'title template' that'll have everyone's names on it already. Throw up a couple of placeholders for the outfits logo as well as placeholders for the empire they represent and I think you're good. If there's a substitution then you can call that out quickly enough.

Also it might be possible to do a quick interview with the outfit leaders just before the match. Again, sort of like how the NFL sideline reporters do it. Throw the outfit leaders a softball question and then go with it. It'll help break up the stream a bit too.

Look forward to next weeks match.
2013-08-15 04:44 PM
Kalee J
Re: Community Clash Recording and Feedback

A fun show and I was pleased my schedule allowed me the time to watch it. The triple observer camera view was fun and I think the next show could stand to have more time spent in that view.

I have one critisicim, and it's rules based. Whatever you agree to at the beginning then I belive you should stick to it. Even if it's not working out quite as well as you hoped or as fair as you might have hoped. It's confusing and has the possibility to frustrate players and audicence alike. I'm specifically referring to the change to what vehicles could be used after the first match. This issue has been somwhat mitigated by the publishing of formal rules on the Reachcast site.
2013-08-15 04:55 PM
Re: Community Clash Recording and Feedback

2013-08-15 07:02 PM
Re: Community Clash Recording and Feedback

My only complaint is that you posted the winning score before I saw who won :P
2013-08-15 11:54 PM
Re: Community Clash Recording and Feedback

Yea, that was my bad. :P
2013-08-16 10:42 AM
Re: Community Clash Recording and Feedback

I wouldn't get your hopes up in regards to audio capture; since the Android 4.3 update, all access to Google Talk was removed, and it doesn't sound as though they care if the software is not working for everybody. Right now they seem more concerned with increasing its use by mobile devices...

You must also remember when talking that, if you're typing, Hangouts will now mute you until you stop. As to why it mutes you intermittently is obviously an issue not even they know how to solve, as those complaints go unanswered.
2013-08-16 02:43 PM
Re: Community Clash Recording and Feedback

So, no air vehicles or MBT's?
2013-08-16 05:56 PM
Re: Community Clash Recording and Feedback

Originally Posted by Dreadnaut View Post
So, no air vehicles or MBT's?
I think they're worried about attracting too much attention; whenever MBTs or Liberators are on the battlefield, they seem to create a larger hotspot that alerts everyone in the area. However, as long as you only have a skeleton crew with light vehicles and no aircraft, you don't get a dozen+ pubbies showing up.
2013-08-19 09:20 AM
Re: Community Clash Recording and Feedback

The real reason is worry that the winner will always be someone who pulls a lib or MBT. This is all a learning experience though, I think there's definitely room for different types of fights.
2013-08-19 11:11 AM
Re: Community Clash Recording and Feedback

Yeah, heavy artillery are a difference-maker; however, if a Prowler shoots down a Liberator, more power to them

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