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  1. Lag when I spot Enemy
  2. Upgrade advice?
  3. Correct Vertical FOV Setting to Avoid Warping?
  4. Are these parts adequate for my new custom-made PC?
  5. Testing Memory
  6. tablet questions?
  7. What's a good PC for this game?
  8. My brother can't play
  9. First PC Build Help
  10. PlanetSide 2 Horrible Performance on Linux (Wine)
  11. Graphics card - motherboard compatibility??
  12. Mini-ITX gameing?
  13. Upgrading PC for Moderate Gaming
  14. $650 used gaming PC - good deal or no?
  15. Buying advice needed: gaming headset to go with sound card
  16. XP/linux SSD transfer etc.
  17. Upgrade Advice/Assistance
  18. Razer Naga: how to bind sensitivity changes to buttons
  19. Will your desktop/laptop run PS2? V2 ***Ask here***
  20. Anyone using rudder pedals in PS2?
  21. Mic not working in game.
  22. Windows 7 Ultimate - Bluescreen on Launcher Install Direct X
  23. Does not finish loading after Character Screen
  24. Buying a computer
  25. [Windows 8] Press play, but nothing happens
  26. what g/c should i get , i have amd bulldozer fx4100
  27. Question about adding RAM
  28. Crashing in Bootcamp
  29. Crashes since recent patch?
  30. Audio corruption
  31. 530$ gaming build for PS2
  32. Plain and simple question....
  33. G25 error with HD7970 3GB
  34. New Rig - please critique.
  35. Graphics Card
  36. New Build - Seeking Help and Advice
  37. Getting my hardware ready for PS2
  38. XBox 360 controller keybinding problems
  39. Upgrade from GTX 260 to what?
  40. Online bargains on good PS2 hardware.
  41. my specs and still fps lag
  42. CrossfireX performance
  43. $1,000 Budget Build
  44. win 7 (?) shortcuts interfering after alt-tab
  45. DX9 vs. DX11?
  46. Looking for a good headset. These are my ideas, any suggestions?
  47. loading screen stuck -.-
  48. Lagging pretty much everywhere
  49. I'm back ;)... SoftTH
  50. Building my first computer...
  51. I keep crashing
  52. The Game is not starting!
  53. A10-5800K APU, Anybody Tried it yet?
  54. Got a really weird problem here ;_;
  55. Wanting to get into PC gaming.
  56. PS2 with FX-8350 Vishera Performance?
  57. Nvidia VS ATI Beta Experience
  58. New Nvidia Drivers 11/19/12
  59. New headset...
  60. Could use some feedback on this build.
  61. Building comp for videos and gaming
  62. Newegg Shipping?
  63. Just built a new PC, can't properly launch windows
  64. Why do my headphones sound bad through my laptop?
  65. Keys getting "Locked" in PS2
  66. Frontpanel mic not working
  67. Upgrading, need advice
  68. Mac support?
  69. Huge problem with FPS
  70. Windows question
  71. Intel planning to solder CPU to mobos for desktops
  72. GTX 690 and PS2
  73. Game is not taking my screenshots
  74. Low FPS? Ailos' guide to having a better experience.
  75. Recording FPS Issues
  76. Performance Issues, AMD, tried everything, help?
  77. Overclocking Question
  78. Mechanical Keyboards.
  79. Running Jerky
  80. Unable to install latest Planetside 2 patch
  81. Searching Issue
  82. PS2 cuts wifi: possible solution
  83. Having a hell of a time refinding a working video driver...
  84. can't write to checkminspec.dll error
  85. Installing in laptop without re-downloading client?
  86. what do I need to upgrade?
  87. So here's a list of Haswell parts
  88. Does this Laptop Hardware run Planetside 2
  89. Desktop build for gaming £500 budget (UK)
  90. Need advice on build for ps2
  91. Mouse... Stops Tracking?
  92. Can My Sandy Bridge Board Run An Ivy Bridge Processor?
  93. Need monitor suggestions
  94. Planetside 2 Installation Problem
  95. Random Crashes Every so Often
  96. Mixing RAM?
  98. Windows 7 Error
  99. Question about my PC specs.
  100. Will this build run PS2 decently?
  101. No audio?
  102. My Thoughts on upcoming Gaming Tech
  103. Mic problems in game
  104. New PC help
  105. Low FPS? Ailos' guide to having a better experience V2. (Updated 1/21/13)
  106. Network Adapter Card Suggestions
  107. New PC Build. Feedback appreciated
  108. What PC is better for Planetside 2?
  109. Host Not Found
  110. Game slow.. What can I do?
  111. Graphics card not compatible
  112. 1280x720 resolution
  113. High lag
  114. New Comp Help
  115. New Comp Build! Ideas and Inputs appreciated!
  116. What settings will give me the best performance on my hardware
  117. I can't sign into the PS2 forums
  118. I want to upgrade my PC - What should i do?
  119. PS2 has stopped working
  120. Optimal .ini for my computer?
  121. Can't access any SoE website or game service!
  122. I accelerated my upgrade timetable.
  123. Theory on better Fps
  124. account has been banned, technical issue??
  125. Is this PC rig good for Planetside 2
  126. Need new headset recommendations?
  127. Help me pick out MOBO and Ram
  128. Building My First PC
  129. FEATURE CREATED! but need help
  130. This a good enough PC?
  131. Need a proper gaming machine. Please help.
  132. Reviewed a 15 USD gaming mouse which was better than my G9x
  133. server IPs / Ping times
  134. Getting new laptop, hows it gonna hold up.
  135. WTF problem
  136. game won't launch...weird
  137. Getting new ram
  138. Any one else getting super low fps since the merge?
  139. Installed new ram - comp keeps rebooting
  140. Opinions on gaming peripherals
  141. Gonna get new CPU, Mobo and Ram, suggestions?
  142. Error launching the game
  143. Screen Tearing Only With Planetside 2
  144. Going SLi
  145. Possible new/retro-fit computer.
  146. Good Headphones PC or compatible?!
  147. Another help thread for sys building! Yay!
  148. Overclocking guide for dummies?
  149. Recommend a mouse
  150. 560ti 1024 384 core. No directx above 9.
  151. Submersion cooling! 8d
  152. How well do you think this laptop would run Planetside 2?
  153. Another help thread for sys building! Yay! Ver 2.0
  154. My client automatically mute other player's voice chat
  155. Exper Tech Advice from BossRigs.com [If we do not has answers, we know who does]
  156. This game does not support high DPI mouse properly.
  157. How To Remove Application Updater
  158. Reliable LGA 2011 mobo?
  159. Phone Help? xD
  160. New Sound Card and Headphones. Question?
  161. Update 955BE / GTX460
  162. My First Gaming Rig
  163. Need mobile hdd solution...
  164. Scythe reacting very slow in bigger fights
  165. Building new ~$2000 machine
  166. Crash Crash Crash crash...
  167. New Intel Rig
  168. No damage after spawn or revive
  169. Game crashing 100% of the time right after launching
  170. Can't Connect To PS2 Or PlanetSide2.com
  171. How well will Planetside 2 run on this laptop?
  172. CPU-bound to GPU-bound since updates?
  173. Why are we limited to 2GB
  174. OpenOffice Gaming mouse!
  175. Big case! Watch vid/link on page for details.
  176. Need help upgrading (CPU bound) PC for better framerate.
  177. Launcher stuck
  178. Question regarding performance
  179. Post your Rigs!
  180. integrated graphics
  181. SOE help not letting me GET HELP
  182. Better Computer, Miniscule Difference
  183. Upgrade help
  184. Is my MB killing me?
  185. Help! Very frustrating issues..
  186. Intel Rapid Storage Technology
  187. DX 11: tesselation
  188. CPU bottlenecks removed by using a server motherboard?
  189. Mac Porn
  190. Low FPS with decent-good performance. HELP ME!
  191. PSU hasn't updated my stats since June 28
  192. Weird loading screen?
  193. Game stutters when walking or running after GU13
  194. Which laptop is better for PS2?
  195. Voice Chat/Microphone problems
  196. Gaming on a budget? Laptop gamer? READ HERE
  197. Wifi Adapter problems
  198. New laptop arriving in a few days - concerned CPU may be bottleneck?
  199. looking for gaming computer advice
  200. Temps while you are playing Planetside2?
  201. what should i set my video setting to?
  202. Laptop shopping... opinions appreciated.
  203. Headtracking and Planetside?
  204. What kind of FPS should I be getting with these specs
  205. Computer
  206. Cool ass mouse idea!
  207. Graphics decrease at close range
  208. Computer specs questions
  209. Weird Sunderer Bug (w/photo)
  210. game keeps getting deleted
  211. Anyone seen this gfx "bug" beforse after SSD install ?
  212. "No Memory" a Planetside 1 encounter
  213. Adding Components To A Laptop
  214. Question About RAM
  215. So I ran a ping test
  216. Need help finding good 7.1 surround sound headset and sound card.
  217. Win7 taking up 28 gigs
  218. Need help with buying a new PC
  219. After Optimization: AMDs FX (CPU) series
  220. Cyber Monday computer ideas
  221. Will My New PSU Still Work? (picture)
  222. New Build
  223. I can´t use GPU PhysX since the Perfomance Update
  224. Planetside 2 Voice wont recieve/give
  225. Error upon loading game...
  226. Are the Servers offline now?
  227. My Overkill Build
  228. For a friend
  229. in-game voip issues.
  230. Mic flashing on and off
  231. How do I activate windowed mode
  232. unclaiming characters
  233. Cheap build for Planetside 2
  234. My idea for a SFF setup
  235. Build or Buy?
  236. Advice for better gaming
  237. Game working very slow on GeForce GT 630M
  238. random frame drops
  239. Network issues, causing disconnects...
  240. Heavy load on CPU not using GPU
  241. [CPU] all the time
  242. Need help with computer upgrade
  243. Black launcher screen.
  244. Building a mining rig
  245. FPS Plummets In Battles
  246. All of a sudden FPS drop CPU bottlenecked at 30 FPS. See inside for details.
  247. FPS improvements?
  248. Client locked up!
  249. Need help with signature
  250. more RAM or a new vid card (or neither)?