View Full Version : Could I add a 512 MB memory card with the 128 card I already have (max mem. is 512)?

2002-12-30, 01:25 PM
Yeah my comp has 128 MB right now, now if I buy a 512 MB card to max out the memory on my comp (the maximum of mem. on my comp happens to be 512). Would it still work? I don't want to take out the 128 card cause it has all my music. But would putting 64 MB on a comp that can hold 512 bad?

2002-12-30, 01:33 PM
it seems you're thinking harddrive, not ram.

if you switch out your ram with more, you wont lose your music :D

2002-12-30, 01:36 PM
yeah harddrive, I feel like crap today I can't get anything straight. So I can still add the new card and nothing will happen? Will the extra 128 MB? just not be used?

2002-12-30, 01:45 PM
With a 512MB maximum - I'd be worried what size DIMM might be recognized - it may not even ba capable of reading a 512. I would suggest you consult the Motherboard manufacturer's web site or manual and see what DIMM sizes are supported. you might end up having to get 2 256's, or another 128 and a 256 if you have that many DIMM slots.

2002-12-30, 01:51 PM
Yeah, I might have to buy two 256's. I guess I'll just save the other card incase I ever need to get anything that's on it.

2002-12-30, 02:17 PM
What motherboard do you have?

RAM (Random access memory) is not where your data (such as music, games, and other programs) are stored. That's your hard drive. When your computer wants to run a program it loads a copy into the ram and runs it from there (ram is much faster than a hard drive). Changing your ram will not cause you to loose your music or anything.

Depending on your motherboard you may or may not be able to put in the 512 stick. If it has a max of 512 it sounds like an older mobo... Look in your manual to see what you really have. :)

2002-12-30, 05:28 PM
I don't know what mobo you have, but if it maxes out at 512 then it may be getting long in the tooth. I'm guessing you're probably looking at pc 133, which for 512 will cost you just around 45 bucks. Now for 93 you can get an 1600 athlon xp mobo. More money, but better for the long run. If your mb is as old as I'm thinking, this is where your money is best spent. What are your system specs?

2002-12-30, 07:10 PM
I'm guessing you didn't build your computer yourself so who did you buy it from? (ie. Dell, gateway, etc.) Might not want to start screwing with your mobo because it will most likely void your warranty.

2002-12-30, 08:58 PM
It's a dell, but about the only thing I can do is screw with my mobo :p

2002-12-30, 09:25 PM
How do you know the max mem is 512mb? Just curious, because that's not very much at all. Maybe you're thinking 512 per ram slot? (There are usually 3 slots)

2002-12-31, 01:15 PM
The comp has 2 slots, and I believe the max memory for both slots is 512. It's a Dell Dimensions 4100 quite old :p

2002-12-31, 06:10 PM
Originally posted by Sandtaco
Yeah, I might have to buy two 256's. I guess I'll just save the other card incase I ever need to get anything that's on it.
Yup...that's exactly what you'll have to do! A buddy of mine has a Dell Dimension 4300 with 512mb max, it sucks that is all the memory you can put in, either that or get a new motherboard!:ugh:

2002-12-31, 06:15 PM
I also had this same problem. I have a Gateway with max 512 and tried to leave my 128 in with my 2x256, but it didn't work :(

Kinda stinks, I'm ready for a new PC :D

2002-12-31, 06:45 PM
sand how fast is your processor btw?

2003-01-02, 02:06 PM
Sand, I uhhh don't think you're getting it..

I guess I'll just save the other card incase I ever need to get anything that's on it.

Nothing is stored on RAM. Unless your using a RAMDrive.. which I guarantee you aren't, so no worries.