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2003-01-10, 05:38 AM
I'm thinking about getting a new video card with 8x AGP, and was looking for a new mobo along with it. I've gone with MSI before and never had any problems, but I'm wondering if the nForce2 is any good. Thanks :D

2003-01-10, 07:26 AM
NForce2 is the one of the hottest MB chipsets out there right now for AMD.

2003-01-10, 07:42 AM
Yea I'm definitly thinking about going with the Asus A7N8X. It beats out all the rest in some roundups I've read, got excellent an excellent review from Hard OCP etc etc.

Now just what video card to get :(

2003-01-10, 11:24 AM
Depends on whether you want to wait a month or two. If you want a card that uses that 8x AGP you can go with the Radeon 9700 pro or you can wait for the Geforce FX. If you want to wait longer ATI is supposed to come out with another GPU so you can wait for that and see how it stacks up.

2003-01-10, 11:30 AM
See they're both really expensive though. I was thinking of possibly going with a GeForce4 Ti4600 8x AGP.

2003-01-10, 11:46 AM
Is there a ti4600 8x AGP yet? I thought they only had a ti4200 8x version.

The radeon is a bit more but it's worth that extra cost. If you can afford it than you sh ould get it. It will probably be about $150 more for the Radeon. If you're upgrading just for this game I guess you can go with the ti4600 but the radeon 9700 or the new FX would probably be better as far as a long term solution would go. You could use it and get great production out of the newer games that require that sort of graphic acceleration.

2003-01-10, 11:58 AM
I think the equivilant to a ti4600 with 8x agp is a ti4800. I'd wait for the FX to come out, even if you don't get it, you'll get a big discount on everything else.

2003-01-10, 12:23 PM
Radeon might even drop in price depending on how well the fx does.

2003-01-10, 02:03 PM
Yea I decided to go with Asus A7N8X (nforce2) with a ATI Radeon 9700 Pro. Add in 1 gig of ddr ram, and I should be good to go for PS.

2003-01-10, 02:19 PM
Yeah I picked up a gig of ram and a radeon 9700 pro but I got a soyo mobo.

2003-01-10, 02:28 PM
How do you like the 9700 ?

2003-01-10, 04:32 PM
It's great. I have the ti4600 as well and it's quite a step up from that. Both are great cards so I'm happy with either but I'd go with the radeon for obvious reasons.

2003-01-10, 04:33 PM
How bout you give me your ti...

2003-01-10, 04:34 PM
Nah it's sitting quite nicely in the computer next to me. :D

2003-01-10, 04:35 PM
Bastard! :rawr:

2003-01-10, 05:23 PM
If you plan on getting the A7N8X with a gig of DDR, make sure you get a PAIR of 512's - in order to take advantage of the A7N8X's DUAL DDR capability. Twice the throughput in dual mode.:D

2003-01-10, 06:50 PM
Sweet. Any type of ram to recommend?

2003-01-10, 06:53 PM
If you go with 400 Mhz speed (3200) - be sure to get CL2 and not CL2.5 - otherwise it's not any better than 333 Mhz (2700) speed.

2003-01-10, 07:13 PM
Err I wasn't clear sorry, I meant Corsair, Samsung, Crucial ?

2003-01-10, 07:31 PM
Ah brand - sorry. All I can tell you is what I read in the Tom's Hardware Article (http://www6.tomshardware.com/mainboard/20021111/index.html). They seems to like the Corsair memory.

2003-01-11, 04:24 AM
You rock marsman :thumbsup:

Thanks a ton

2003-01-12, 01:03 AM
Everyone seems to like corsair :D Should make it easy to choose what brand to get.