View Full Version : Just ordered a mobo...

2003-01-17, 05:06 PM
ordered a new mobo today, its a p4 motherboard, and i was wondering if the Pentium 4 based 1.7 Celeron i bought with it will work(i asked other people they said it will) just want more feedback.

2003-01-17, 05:21 PM
It's a P4 board so I don't see why not. The real problem I see here is that you are ordering parts that you aren't knowledgeable about. I assume you are planning on assembling this thing yourself, so I suggest you take a LOT of time and read all about heat sinking your processor and seating it. If you screw that up, you get to start all over. It's not that hard, I did it last weekend, but it is treacherous. You can do it, but I STRONGLY suggest finding someone who's done it before to help you.