View Full Version : Getting WinXP to use less fuggin' RAM

2003-01-19, 12:19 AM
Hey guys, rather simple question: I know that WinXP can be optimized to use a HELL of a lot less RAM than it usually does, and I'm thinking that even with the 512MB of PC2100 DDR I have under the hood now, every byte will count. So how exactly DOES one go about optimizing WinXP for gaming? Any help would be appreciated.

2003-01-19, 12:39 AM
512mb is plenty of ram for normal use dude... And contrary to popular belief, more free ram does not mean a faster computer. It only starts to go slow once you've used up all your ram. Any point below that will be the same really...

As far as lightening up XP, you could stop programs like messenger from booting at start up, disable visual effects (cpu thing, not really ram), and disable some services (admin panel).

2003-01-22, 07:27 AM


2003-01-28, 06:19 PM
the best performance tweak IMO is to switch to classic mode. Your windows desktop performance will increase. And it will use less ram.