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2003-01-20, 04:38 PM
I know that they have not fully tested the game to find out the min requirements but can has anyone heard info of what is the lowest RAM and Processor that the game would run smooth without lowering the details of the graphics where everyone is just red, blue, and purple blocks running around.

2003-01-20, 05:30 PM
What are the game's requirements?
This is not finalized. Current assumption is at 1.0Ghz CPU (more is better), a GeForce2 w/64MB VRAM, 512MB RAM (the RAM requirement may be lowered in the future...more details after further testing). A good sound card wouldn't hurt either. Neither would a broadband connection (although 56K Modems are supported).
Will there be a Mac or Linux version of the game, or possibly a console port?
While we won't rule anything out at this point, there are currently no plans to support any platform except the PC.