View Full Version : Itegrated video?

2003-01-20, 06:19 PM
If a computer has integrated video and an empty agp slot, can it be upgaded with a normal video card?

2003-01-20, 06:40 PM
Sure can, usually the integrated one disables auto.

2003-01-21, 03:31 PM
One more question. One of my friends said that i can't take my dell computer and put it in a new case, because dell comps have special type of power supply that other comps dont have.
Is this true?

2003-01-21, 04:43 PM
Many manufacturers that mass produce systems don't use a standard case/motherboard - It likely that the motherboard wouldn't fit in a standard case. Other things like custom powersupply hookups, plug in card slot placement, etc - make it difficult it take these systems and move them into standard cases. :(

2003-01-21, 04:50 PM
WHat's your specs, you may be best off startign from scratch. Dell kinda blows. At least you didn't get a gateway. Why do you want to switch cases anyway?

2003-01-22, 03:28 PM
The reason i need to switch cases is that i have a Dell 4300s. I can upgrade the RAM to 512 for planetside, but twhen it comes to video cards i have a problem. The computer supports agp cards, but only "low-profile" card fit in the small case. All the low profile card i have seem are terrible. I thought if i just put my comp in a larger case a regular size video card would fit. But it seems like im just better off getting a new comp.

Any suggestions on how to fix my problem would be greatly apreciated.:)

2003-01-22, 03:38 PM
It may not be neccesary to upgrade the whole comp. Especially not all at once. What are your specs.

About that card problem, can you take the side off the case? Seriously. Are the ports in the back of the case normal, or weird dell shaped. Cause if you can slap any agp card in there, I would suggest getting a niceone, and then leaving the side of the case off, if space is that much of a problem. You can do this piece by peice, until you have enough of the accesories to buy a new mb.

2003-01-22, 04:03 PM
Some stuff is really annoying with onboard crap if you have something in a PCI or AGP slot instead of that onboard feature. If it doesnt auto disable, you have to go into the BIOS and disable it yourself. Its easy but annoying :mad: I had to do that in order to get my on-board audio from F'ing up my SB Audigy GamerX card.