View Full Version : Vid Card Rebooting the System

2003-01-29, 11:13 PM
A friend of mine has an older system that I was installing a new vid card in.

His computer is a Compaq that had integrated video. I disabled the onboard video in the bios and installed a GeForce4 64mb card. I installed the drivers for it and logged into his system and all seemed fine.

He's using WinXP and the problem comes when he logs off of his account and his wife logs into her XP screen. As soon as she logs in, the system reboots itself. Then it comes back up, allows her to open internet explorer, at which point it reboots itself. After this second reboot all is fine until someone logs off of XP and someone else logs in. (I think this happens no matter who logs on or off.)

Since it's not my comp, I honestly have no idea if his wife could have done anything weird to cause this. She, of course, says that she didn't. :)

Any thoughts?? At the moment, I've disabled the GeForce card and they are back to the integrated video, which they are having no problems with. I would experiment with things, but it isn't my comp, so I can't afford to mess anything up. I probably won't get back over there until this weekend, so you've got a couple of days to figure out what in the world is wrong. ;)


2003-01-30, 05:42 AM
Make sure there arent any updates from windows or nVidia, send tech support an email. That card had some issues with four of five things...

2003-01-30, 06:55 AM
Yea check all the latest driver updates.. if its not that, I myself would return it and get another - could be a bum card.

2003-01-30, 10:41 AM
Ok, I think I've got their drivers all updated (I'm talking about Tracy's comp, Nav). They're having sound card issues at the same time. But that's just because the onboard sound died on them. I'm going to put a new sound card in their comp and redo the vid card then once I get their sound back going. Maybe all will be well once I reinstall stuff.

2003-01-30, 11:34 AM
Update the BIOS maybe?

2003-01-30, 04:37 PM
Make sure the Motherboard has a) enough power and b) has all the current downloads.

2003-01-30, 05:36 PM
XP is running fine for the man but not the woman? If it does then check the rights of the acount of the wife, possible that her acount is fubared whit some old driver referenses or more likely something messing up in the registery.

course thats assuming that it works fine for him and not her.