View Full Version : Sig!!?!?!?!?

2003-01-30, 04:42 PM
alright... well here is tht thing... see my sig thingy at the bottom ... well it don't work... why i dont know.... to many pixels? to big ?... help !

2003-01-30, 04:51 PM
put [img/.] blahblah.com[/img.] with out the periods

2003-01-31, 02:30 PM
??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! its under 40k wtf ?

2003-01-31, 02:37 PM
what does the code in your sig look like? The format below should work though.


*edit*I just noticed the first slash in Nav's post. Make sure there isnt' a / in the first [IMG]

2003-01-31, 03:04 PM
Fixed. :)

You were forgetting the http:// in front of your www. in your image location.

2003-02-01, 02:08 AM
Once again thx. To bad I had to ghetto the hell out of my orig sig, when I learned about that damn sig bot < :twisted: >
ne way, ghetto isn't always bad :) thx again

2003-02-01, 07:08 AM
Having sigbot and small sigs makes every forumer more happy. :)

The Eternal
2003-02-03, 11:38 AM
Whats a Sig Bot?