View Full Version : ASUS A7V8X mobo... anyone know anything about it?

2003-01-30, 05:45 PM
Just wondering whether or not anyone has read anything about this mobo. I've had asus mobos before and I've been pleased with them. I wasn't really pleased with my Soyo one when I really took a close look. Just wondering if this would be a good direction to go as far as a mobo is concerned. If not any other suggestions? I'm using DDR400 ram though so if you do have any suggestions keep that in mind. :D

2003-01-30, 05:55 PM
Hey, look at my thread like 2 below this. I am getting this board, it's the best board out there. Tomshardware gave it rave reviews. It's got everything, and does it well.

2003-01-30, 05:57 PM
No you're getting the A7N8X.

2003-01-30, 06:01 PM

2003-01-30, 06:44 PM
I need a board that supports 400mhz memory. The A7V8x has KT400 so that's a plus for me I guess. Wanted to know if anyone knew anything else.

2003-01-31, 12:06 PM
cant help ya blue. just check out tomshardware i guess. mwave.com for parts and if u see something appealing check it out on some independent site. btw i got the a7n8x delux. jesus its nice.

2003-01-31, 02:26 PM
Does it only support pc2700 ddr333 ram?