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2003-02-16, 02:21 PM
Greetings and Salutations. This'll be my first time posting in these forums, so if I seem alittle off, I apologize. I've been interested in PS ever since I heard about it a few months ago. I've just recently had a break in college to start thinking about it again. I've come up with a situation, however, which I feel may complicate my participation in the game. By the time of the release, I'll be using a notebook computer from dell. I don't really have any experience with notebooks in general and hoped someone could clue me into if I'd still be able to play PS with these specs.

2.0Ghz P4
512MB Ram (x2 256)
64MB mobility radeon 9000
15'' UXGA Screen (this one supposedly is ultrasharp or something)

I do know that historically notebooks have lacked the glimmer of standard PC gaming capabilities. I was just wondering if this was even capable of supporting the game, thanks!

2003-02-16, 07:18 PM
I bet you could play it, but you probably wouldn't want to. Laptops really aren't good for gaming, especially cutting edge games. That graphics card isn't too strong.