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2003-02-17, 04:19 PM
Just finished reading an article at Gamespot about the new GeForce and it brought to mind something I had not considered: power supply. I have a 350 watt supply on my PC, and with a P4, I was wondering...is 350 Watts enough to handle a 128MB Radeon ?

2003-02-17, 04:59 PM
It all depends on what else you're running... # of cdroms, hard drives, fans, etc.

350 could be enough if you don't have much else, but 350w really isn't that much anymore. PSUs aren't that expensive, so you might consider getting something more powerful.

2003-02-17, 06:01 PM
Yes. I ran my Radeon 9700 pro at 4x agp on my old comp which had a 250. So yeah, you'll be fine. If your comp spontaineously just shuts off, then you don't have enough power.

2003-02-17, 06:06 PM
If you do not have enough power, you most likely will not receive full power from your card. I do believe that ATi has some recommended PSU (hah, psu...) wattages for each card, look around.

2003-02-17, 06:20 PM
1x case fan, 1x CD-RW, 3x Hard drives (don't ask)...added to a P4, and I'm kinda wondering. If push came to shove I could ditch the third HDD

2003-02-22, 02:33 PM
i got a 9700 pro to run perfectly on a 200watt power supply. That system had 2 hard drives, a burner etc. No problems yet. Its all about a quality power supply. Now my main Systems has a 9700 pro on a 480 watt p-supply.

2003-03-02, 05:56 PM
thats awesome:D