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2003-02-18, 03:22 PM
I just ordered 512mb of DDR from newegg.com and currently im running sdram (my mobo has 4 dimm sockets 2 for each type) but when I checked my order today DOH I had clicked on the 512 sdram which was only 50cents cheaper... Should I send the ram back and wait another week or two or should I stick with SDram (which would give me 640mb of sdr as opposed to 512 if i went with the DDR). I cant decide.

2003-02-18, 03:23 PM

2003-02-18, 03:31 PM
Uhm, you tried to order DDR RAM but clicked wrong and ordered SDRAM instead?

Annyways, DDR and SDRAM dosn't work together. Pick one, DDR is way better than SDRM... i'd send it back and get a 512 DDR stick or preferably 2x512 DDR ram.

btw, this post should be in the tech forum.

2003-02-18, 04:19 PM
Originally posted by afex

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Listen to the man, he speaks the truth

2003-02-18, 04:29 PM
DDR = the debil! :mad:

2003-02-18, 04:43 PM
If you have SDRAM now DDR wont work in your mobo. They aren't the same. :) So maybe clicking the wrong thing was actually the right thing to do!

2003-02-18, 06:09 PM
no actually they both do work in my motherboard it has 4 dimm sockets 2 for sdram and 2 for DDR but you cant have both in at the same time.


thats it or very similar to it. I guess ill pack the Sdr back up and get DDR.

damn you newegg for having sdram in the DDR section :mad:

2003-02-18, 06:23 PM
Good call, DDR is way better than SDR.... should just get that 2nd 512 chip if you can, helps alott =)

2003-02-18, 06:50 PM
Ah ya, in that case definitely go DDR! If you're planning to overclock at all make sure you get a good brand (Crucial, Mushkin, etc). If you're not planning to OC you'll be fine with some regular stuff.

I have 2 256mb sticks of Samsung pc2700 for sale right now. A few other people have expressed interest but if they don't come through I'd be glad to sell them to you. I'm asking $90 for the two of them (512mb total). Don't wait on them though, I think the other guy will probably buy them.

2003-02-18, 07:08 PM
If you're going to overclock a bit Corsair is going to be a pretty good bet. One of the best high performance memory brands.

2003-02-18, 07:44 PM
nah im not an OC'er. The only thing ive EVER overclocked was this extra Nvidea Tnt2 card i overclocked it so much with a software OC program that the fan spin all the blades of hahah that was great. O well tnt2's suck.