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2003-02-20, 03:34 PM
I just installed my new Rad 9000pro and it keeps freezing my computers sometimes the error thing comes up when i reboot saying its the fault of the driver. Also game freeze as soon as i try to play them and the screen turns black. What the hell is going on? :( :( :( :mad: :mad: :eek:

2003-02-20, 03:51 PM
Did you install the latest drivers?

2003-02-20, 03:59 PM
i cant get through a post without freezing. It has something to do with a draw error. Should i maybe change my refresh rate?

2003-02-20, 04:27 PM
I think i might have fixed the random freezing BUT every time I click any game (even really old ones i installed to test stuff like simcity 2k) the monitor instantly like turns black as if it were off PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME! :(

2003-02-20, 04:28 PM
also is their like a break in period for like a video card or my agp slot since neither have been used.

2003-02-20, 04:41 PM
Ok, what are your system specs and what kind of video card did you have before this? And like Mars said, did you install the latest drivers?

2003-02-20, 05:28 PM
And one thing often forgotten is to *UNINSTALL* old drivers before installing new ones.

2003-02-20, 05:36 PM
^^ good point. Especially if you had an nvidia card and switched to ATI or something like that.

2003-02-20, 06:21 PM
Yeah, you ***really*** have to follow the manual's instructions step by step. Also, you need to check your mb drivers.

2003-02-20, 08:25 PM
yeah i switched from Nvidea to this. My specs are athlon 1800+ and 256mb ram (until 512 comes) Im gonna try to completely delete all the drivers and start over.

2003-02-20, 08:37 PM
If that doesn't work you might want to consider reformatting. There could be a conflict between your drivers and something else. What OS are you running btw?

2003-02-21, 05:43 AM
Your registery will be pretty damn messed up.... i'd recomend formating just to get the best performance you can.

2003-02-21, 05:56 AM
Yeah I'm running windows xp pro I borrowed it from a friend. I guess ill borrow it again and reformat this weekend.

2003-02-21, 09:13 AM
yeah its not the card its the drivers. By just disabling the driver but still using that card i can navigate windows and stuff evenit though its all slow on the screen. I might just wait til my ram and new powersupply gets here to format.

2003-02-21, 11:21 AM
Also when i was looking under properties for the video card it said the loation was PCI1?? Thats weird when its definatly in an AGP slot. Is this just the computers name for the agp slot or something or it it confused because thats where my old PCI video card was.

2003-02-21, 11:41 AM
Your old PCI card was in the AGP slot? you sure you have it in an AGP slot? Also check your motherboard drivers. If it is indeed your AGP slot your motherboard doesn't seem to be recognizing that. Do you happen to know your motherboard model?

2003-02-21, 11:51 AM
In the defense of ATI cards. I bought a new computer back in late November and recieved it late December. It came with a ATI Radeon 9700 Pro. Many on other tech forums and other "specialists" ecouraged me to wait two more months for the "great" Nvidia GeForce FX. Upon its release and intiail benchmarks, this noisy, power hungry, expensive card has only a FEW percentage points gain on a quieter, cheaper, and more power efficent ATI equivalent. Immediatly after release of the GFFX, ATI announced the production of the R350 (Radeon 9700 is R300). This card is to include more memory (off the already massive 19.8 gigs of bandwidth it has now) and user a .013 manufactering process. Cheaper and faster based on a sturdy design.

Driver support also used to be a big issue for ATI. Not so anymore. ATI has devised a new Catalyst[R] system for updating of drivers. Customer support is great too. I had a Audigy 2 soundvard which was being disrupted by the Radeon's mangetic field. A quick change in the slots and everything was fine.

I have a feeling ATi will end up beating Nvidia's 50-60% market share. After all they have 30% and climbing.

Watch out Nvidia.

2003-02-21, 12:03 PM
No need to defend ATI here, no nvidiots around =)

2003-02-21, 12:05 PM
There isn't anything wrong with nvidia, ATI cards happen to be superior at the moment.

2003-02-21, 12:08 PM
Nvidia cards are good cards, don't get me wrong, i've owned several nvidia cards myself whitout annything to complain bout. ATI, Nvidia... both great cards but atm ATI has the edge.

2003-02-21, 12:32 PM