View Full Version : how is the Radeon 9000?

2003-02-22, 08:46 AM
i was going to buy the 9500, but i only have 185 dollars, and want to also buy another stick of 256 DDR of ram.. if i bought the 9500, i wouldnt have en ough to buy the ram. so how is the Radeon 9000?

2003-02-22, 10:03 AM
What video card do you have now? How much RAM do you have now?

2003-02-22, 10:11 AM
i have some kind of inter 845G i think.. i have 256 mb of ddr ram.. i wanted to add another 256 ddr..

2003-03-01, 01:07 PM
Go to www.newegg.com and buy a geforce 4 ti4200. You can get a nice 128mb one for $119 after a small ($30) rebate or you could just get one for $140 with no rebates. This card beats out the 9000pro in every document of benchmarking that I have found, Also you should haveenough left over for a 256 of DDR at that site though u might need to save up just a little more. If its too much you can still get one of the nicest 64mb versions and it will play PS very well.

2003-03-02, 09:15 PM
Yeah, the 9000 is ass. The 8500 (now called the 9100 :rolleyes: ) is more powerful than the 9000. Get a GF4 or an 8500.

2003-03-03, 05:20 AM
Get the gf44200ti like the rest have said... if you can't get a 9500pro then go whit GF4.