View Full Version : problem with beta sign up

2003-02-26, 08:45 AM
still having trouble finding my DXDiag folder. can't find it at all, i've tried everything. it doesn't make any sense though. i really want to get into beta. i've been waiting for a game that i actually want to go out, buy it and pay to play. now i find one and i can't even find my DXDiag folder. i could see the fire in my eyes from the mirror and it's getting worse. do help!

2003-02-26, 09:22 AM
Click start. Click run. Type DxDiag

When it is through, there is an option to save, save it to your desktop and then use that as the upload link.

2003-02-26, 09:33 AM
If some how its possible for you to not have DX installed, go here, and install 'er: http://microsoft.com/windows/directx/default.asp

2003-02-26, 11:21 AM
Try C:\program files\directx\setup\dxdiag.exe