View Full Version : Monitor Madness(tm)!

2003-03-07, 02:19 PM

I just started noticing these weird distortion lines on each side of my Screen. I’ve only seen them when running at 800X600 but they have got me worried.

My old monitor has the exact same prob. but 10X worse, the distortion lines spread all over the screen and vibrate!!
(After about 30 mins your eyes start to bleed with pain)

The only thing I can think of is its my speakers, they are attached to the side of the monitor, but the distortion lines stay when I unhook them from the casing

My old computer didn’t have speakers attached to the monitor casing, they sat on my desk.

If anyone knows how to fix this or what causes it some info would be great
(oh, and De-guassing doesn’t help)

2003-03-07, 05:40 PM
Leave the speakers off for a while and see if it goes away.

Since it's only in 800x600 though it seems like it's a refresh rate issue... Did you fiddle with those at all?

2003-03-07, 08:24 PM
Thanks for the suggestions Powdahound, I moved my speakers off my desk and done a goodle search. Iv lost the URL now but the website I found said it was a Moiré problem, so I set my Moiré filter to 50% and that seems to have cleared it up for now.

I do have one other problem, I want to run be monitor at its highest resolution but when I set it to 1280X1024 the refresh rate drops to 60mhz, if I force it to got at say 75 or 100mhz will I damage my monitor?

Or if I get a better graphics card will that allow me to run higher refresh rates?

2003-03-07, 09:04 PM
Refresh rates are limited by both your graphics card and your monitor, but usually it's your monitor. :) Graphics cards go higher than most monitors do. I don't think setting it too high will damage it, but it probably just wont work... your monitor will probably go into standby mode or something. Best to leave it at its max. :)