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2003-03-07, 07:39 PM
right now i have 256 MB of DDR ram.. its speed it 233 MHZ
now if i buy 512 MB of DDR ram and it's speed is 333 MHZ, will my computer mess up?

2003-03-07, 07:44 PM
no it shouldnt u should check how much your motherboard can handle. most computers will take it, it wont mess your computer up nessicarely, but if your computer cant handle the MB or MHZ it'll just wont use what it cant handle. realy depends how much your PC can take.

2003-03-07, 07:47 PM
well i have a
Pentium 4
256MB ram
ATI Radeon 9000

u think it can handle it?

2003-03-07, 08:19 PM
You most likely have 3 ram slots in your computer. Each one can probably take a 512mb stick, so that would be a max of 1.5gb of ram. Assuming you have 2 128mb sticks now you would have room for another 512mb stick. If you have 1 256mb stick now you could get 2 more of them or just a single 512. Best ieda would be to open your case and check to see what you have now. :)

2003-03-07, 08:26 PM
actually no your wrong.. i have 2 slots... and one stick of 256MB

2003-03-07, 08:30 PM
Wow way to be a jackass culkid. You probably could have said "I have 2 slots not 3." Even if that's the case you can still stick 2 256mb sticks or you can buy a 512 stick. Either or.

2003-03-07, 08:50 PM
sorry if it sounded nasty, but i didnt mean to type it like that.. sorry :rolleyes:

2003-03-07, 09:06 PM
I also said:

Originally posted by powdahound
You most likely have 3 ram slots in your computer.

You could get another 512mb stick in there most likely. You should check your mobo's manual or something though... Most new boards have at least 3 slots for ram that I know of.

2003-03-07, 09:08 PM
i have a gateway computer.... i only have 2 slots and i bought the comp a month ago... ill never use gateway AGAIN!!! I BUY POWER COMPS 4 EVA!! :nazi: :rock:

2003-03-07, 09:09 PM
You should go with culkid brand PCs next time. Building it yourself is definitely the best option. :)

2003-03-07, 09:21 PM
actually pownda i was thinking of doing that, so i dont have to cry if i void the warrenty because there is none.. yay

2003-03-08, 08:42 AM
If you buy a ramstick whit a higher speed than your old one then the newone will simply slow down and match the speed of your older one, no problem.

Just be sure to stick the 512 in DIMM 1 and the 256 in DIMM 2... or simply put, place the 512 in the slot that your 256 is in now. 99% sure that the 256 is in DIMM 1 already.. can just look it up in the manual of the mobo too.

2003-03-08, 09:01 AM
this is the weird thing zat. i went to BIOS, and it said my stick of 256 was in the 0 slot, nd that there was nothing in the 1 slot

2003-03-08, 09:51 AM
Just a naming difference then, most boards i've used have dimm 1 to 3...

stick the 512 in the 0 slot then