View Full Version : How Well Will I Be Able To Run PS?

2003-03-08, 05:51 PM
Well, the title says it all, really.


Geforce 2 MX/MX400 (probably gonna upgrade to a PNY G4 ti4200)
Intel Pentium 4 1.7GHz
512mb RAM (not sure if it's DDR or whatever, my system properties just says RAM)
I'm not really sure of my Mobo's name and make, how would I check that?

I've been looking into overclocking my processor and vid card, but i'm not sure how I would
go about doing this. Any links/tips would be most appreciated.

Thanks :)

2003-03-08, 06:02 PM
You should be fine once you get the GF4.

the mobo brand, type and bios versions comes when you boot up.

As for OC'ing


2003-03-08, 06:05 PM
We can't be sure yet how anything will run PS because it's not out yet to be tested! :) As for overclocking your vid card I posted a howto which you can find <a href="http://www.planetside-universe.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=3625">here</a>. Your GF2 isn't a very strong card though, and I don't think you should be expecting the best fps/graphics in PS.

2003-03-08, 07:48 PM
Well, thanks for the replies guys, I shall look into OC'ing my processor a lil.

powdahound, i tried OC'ing my card a lil anyway, and although I don't really see a whole lot of difference, i'm happy I've at least tried to do something to combat it's crappiness. Your guide was very easy to understand, without any techno-babble. gj on that :P

A question though, does rivatuner work for processors?

2003-03-08, 09:49 PM
Rivatuner is strictly for graphics cards. You OC a CPU through the bios.

2003-03-08, 10:36 PM
And that's not something you want to do if you don't know what you are doing. You can very easily fry your silicon unless you know precisely what you are doing. And even then, if your machine is a Compaq/HP with Satan Inside™, forget about even trying it unless you can procure a young priest and an old priest. :p

If you want to know your board's make, then first tell us who manufactured the computer. If it's an HP or Compaq, it's probably a VIA board. If it's Best Buy's (surprisingly good) vpr Matrix line, then it's a pure Intel board, which is not a bad thing. If it's Alienware or something similar... eh, it can depend on the model. Alternately (if you have WinXP, though I do believe this will work on any Windows build of 98 or beyond) open the control panel, open "system", click on the hardware tab, open the Device Manager, and then open "System Devices" for what kind of Mobo you have. Not sure about RAM, though...

2003-03-09, 02:19 PM
Wait, I'm getting an HP in the mail in a few weeks! You're saying I shouldn't OC the processor, even a little?

2003-03-09, 03:17 PM
Alright, thanks to powdahound again, and also to space drake. I'm weary of overclocking my processor now, but I shall look for tips and such nonetheless. As for my mobo, I think I've found the make, as the device manager was unclear on what was the actual mobo. Either way, im fairly sure it's an Intel, since all of the controllers and such that I found were Intel.

2003-03-09, 08:00 PM
Why overclock your processor when it already exceeds the recommended specs for the game? 1.7ghz isnt slow and will run the game fine. All i would consider is a new video card amd www.newegg.com has excellent prices.

2003-03-10, 01:42 PM
Video Cards= www.tigerdirect.com

2003-03-14, 04:16 PM
You must be jokin kid Tigerdirects prices on video cards are way expensive. Newegg is like $70 less on everythin.