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2003-03-14, 05:37 AM
I was wondering what is the best way to get a computer for someone who doesn't have the knowledge to build one from scratch.... Should I go ibuypower.com, alienware, gateway, or dell? Or is there something better i'm missing?

2003-03-14, 07:29 AM
it all depends on what you want to use the computer for. If you want it for gaming then go with one of the alienwares. If you want it for household use, that depends. Of those choices, the alienwares are the best, but they are also the most expensive. I would probabl y go with one of the mid-range alienwares. I build my comp with my pops, so i dont really know how store bought computers are...:rolleyes:

2003-03-14, 01:24 PM
Post how much you want to spend, get some guys to pick a good comp for you, buy the parts and take them to your local store (not a chain store, a small local buisness are usually the best, cheapest and fastest) for assembly... my advice.

2003-03-14, 01:30 PM
I'm not ready to buy right yet.... i'm still 6-7 months away (after my Air Force training).... but what I want then is what is considered top of line now :) MUAHAHAHA I can feel the power! Besides.... it is a miracle that my p3 500 mhz is still alive :)

2003-03-14, 01:38 PM
I think people have been very happy with their ibuypower computers... I bought an alienware once and was not extremely impressed with it. I honestly don't think they're everything they're made out to be. :p

2003-03-14, 10:23 PM
Believe it or not, Best Buy's house brand, vpr Matrix, kicks all kinds of ass. They use pure Intel for the motherboards - no subcontracting at all - as well as for the processors, Samsung for the memory, Western Digital for the hard drives. No crap involved in any part of the process. And you get a fucking ridiculous amount of machine for your money. Of course, the best thing in my mind is that nothing is propietary - they ENCOURAGE modding of the machine, even at the processor level. Unlike other companies, the processor is not soldered in so you can upgrade it if you want to (you have to make sure you get a processor that matches the mobo), but all of the comps they sell currently use the Intel i845PE chipset, ergo they can take up to the current 3.0ghz hyperthreader monster.

Should be a similar story six months from now.

For a breakdown of their current product listing: http://www.vprmatrix.com/products_desktop_listing.asp

2003-03-15, 01:45 PM
I personally think Alienware is completely overrated. For the most bang for the buck (w/ a warranty) check out www.cyberpowerinc.com

2003-03-16, 12:34 AM
Personally, I've hated going into Best Buy/CompUSA/Circuit City/Sears/etc and seeing honest people being 'forced' to purchase a new computer for $2000 when I could build them one for half as much and deliver twice the computing power.Thought about going into business for myself, but life takes precedence for now.

I'm upgrading from a 933 to an XP 2200+. My guess is that if you're not set on purchasing a PC until late summer/early winter, that the CPU prices that are out there now will fall dramatically (30% to even 50%).

This is my rig. It doesn't have as much bells and whistles (ie, RAID, SerialATA, etc.) that most people have on board, but I think it will still kick once PS comes out.

Epox 8RDA+ ($106 incl shipping)
AMD XP 2200+ ($112 incl shipping)
512 DDR PC2700 ($89 incl shipping)
GeForce4 TI 4200 128 MB DDR ($132 incl shipping)

That's my main guts of the computer. Keep in mind that most OS's will run you around $100 ($81 for XP home cheapest I've seen). I'm sure others will say I should do this or I should do that, but as long as it runs stable, I'm happy with it. If you're still interested 6 months from now, drop me an e-mail telling me what you're looking for.

2003-03-16, 09:02 AM
building your own computer is the best thing you could do. Every computer in my house (5 of them...) has been build by me and my pops. My dad and I are big computer people, so its not that hard. All you have to do is buy the stuff and put it in. All of those other machines, where they come prebuilt( any company, Dell, Gateway, etc.)they add on some extra money to the price because someone built it. If you go to the right sites (www.newegg.com (http://www.newegg.com) ) you can get all the same stuff, for a whole lot cheaper. My dad and I get everything from here. Im getting my new vid card (Radeon 9500 Pro) for like $160, which is nice. You dont have to be a wiz to put the damn thing together, and if you need help there are plenty of guides.

2003-03-16, 11:39 AM

2003-03-16, 07:03 PM
Originally posted by {BOHICA}Navaron

I think you meant http://www.monarchcomputer.com

2003-03-18, 04:21 PM
Alienware for gaming, dell for almost everything else. BEWARE OF GATEWAY!!! Fucking gateway screwed me by not attaching an AGP slot! the stupid bastards!