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2003-03-17, 02:59 PM
Is this MOTHERBOARD (http://www.bestbuy.com/detail.asp?e=11203985&m=488&cat=552&scat=555)

better than a Intel Celeron, 1295 MHz
100MHz external bus ???


2003-03-17, 03:15 PM
Your motherboard, only cheaper (http://www.cdrexpress.com/D/FMPro?-DB=selling_units.fp5&-lay=web_layout&-format=search_results2.htm&-error=search_error.htm&PK_itemID==9566&-Find)

God, how I hate Best Buy...complete rip off/con/swindling artists. Please, if you consider purchasing this board, get it from these guys.

$179 vs $140 w/ free shipping....is $39 worth instant gratification?

2003-03-17, 08:15 PM
I had the AMD equivalent of that board and boy did it suck some serious ass. It had poor memory management resulting in a drop in performance. Seems like they were too busy thinking of ways to make the board look pretty rather than make it any good. Hopefully the pentium version is better.

2003-03-18, 05:19 AM
Your trying to compare a motherboard to a intel celeron? Don't get what your trying to say =/

2003-03-18, 04:17 PM
uh...yeah...I'm an ass. Anyways anybody know a motrherboard that is (preferably) $200 or less, has an AGP slot (the whole reason gateway screwed me) atleast 4 USb 2.0 ports, and can fit/hold/whatever Intel Celeron, 1295 MHz
100MHz external bus.

and can I take that chip from my old motherboard and put it on my new one? Also I already got 512 woth of ram (in 2 pieces so whatever that is...) and it would preferably hold that or ddr. ty

Marlboro Man!!
2003-03-21, 01:40 AM
try compusa.com :)
edit:you can customize your own!!:)

2003-03-21, 07:48 AM
Throw CompUSA into the same mix as BestBuy.

Best place to go look for motherboards is Anandtech.com (http://www.anandtech.com) because they have unbiased opinions and offer a wide variety of motherboards to search through.

After you find the board you want, go to Pricewatch.com (http://www.pricewatch.com) and search for your board. They often have current prices listed, but make sure it's a current price. You can do this by clicking the vendor's website and cross referencing it with the price on pricewatch.com.

2003-03-21, 04:56 PM
Thanks a lot, anybody know where and how much approx It'd cost to put in a new motherboard?

2003-03-22, 01:44 AM
Best Buy sucks. 50% of the things a bought there, I have had a problem with.

2003-03-22, 09:37 AM
The nearest best Buy is 1 1/2 hours away from me.