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2003-03-18, 04:49 PM

Here are some requirements that i must have:

the computer has to be no more than 1200 dollars.
it should be a laptop (to help with the collegiate aspect of my life.)

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!


2003-03-18, 08:31 PM
Shouldn't have any problem at all. A bit wierd playing a fps on a laptop but people do it so meh. :)

2003-03-18, 08:39 PM
That laptop should be able to run PS. How well? laptops are notoriously bad at 3D gaming, even the newest ones. Just don't expect to run at 1600x1200 with full GFX :p

But that should be fine to run PS.

If you'd like I could check around and see what other laptops could be good.

2003-03-18, 09:18 PM
if your gonna get it you gotta get the 64MB vid card, its an "unofficial" PS requirement

2003-03-19, 06:17 AM
Only thing that could go wrong is the Pentium M cpu it has, it's a different design and theres a very very slim chance that there will be issues whit it and PS...

Be sure to get the 64MB display adapter (radeon 9000) and 512 MB of ram. =)

2003-03-19, 07:05 AM
Any laptop running any game is a little iffy :(

2003-03-19, 07:35 AM
Originally posted by Hamma
Any laptop running any game is a little iffy :(

Yep. Definitely don't expect to play while running off battery power either. Laptops (even those lame expensive Alienware ones) just aren't good for gaming. Too hard to fit all the good stuff into that little space. :)

2003-03-19, 09:31 AM
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Hey {eMa} i have a laptop that i use for gaming and it pretty much doesn't run as well as a desktop would. Overheating problems because they have to cram everything in the space provided. I just suggest dont do it cuz in the long run they are usually unupgradeable and one time my pants got burnt by the damn thing it was so hotT! But in the end its really about what u want.

-Dark- CO [TEAR]

2003-03-23, 03:12 PM
Under a heavy load and in the various power schemes, the Pentium-M apparently runs at maximum clock speed. Despite a significantly lower clock speed of 1.6 GHz, the Pentium-M is able to keep up with the Pentium 4-M 2.2 GHz. Apart from its integer score (Dhrystone), it even manages to beat its predecessor by a bit.
The Pentium-M also does a good job in operations based on the multimedia command extension iSSe2, even though it has to admit defeat by the higher clocked Pentium 4-M
3D performance below..This is an important one.

As the table of features implies, the graphics subsystems of the two test platforms are rather different. The Pentium-M system has the GeForce 440 Go and 64 MB, and the Pentium4-M system has to make do with an ATI Radeon 7500 and 32 MB video memory. So if we made a direct comparison, then that would be comparing apples to oranges, and we are not going to do this. Still, we still wanted to provide you with the scores, because they at least give you some kind of idea of the Pentium-M's 3D-capabilities

2003-03-23, 09:37 PM
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