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2003-03-22, 11:05 AM
I'll break it down quick:

Already talked to ISP and Gateway Tech no good.........Only one person knew what a PROXY was....omfg....

I got 2 sites I cannot connect to most of the time now, but can through a Proxy all the time.

site 1- PSU (I'd post a shocked smile but cannot PROXY blocking)

site 2- www.vivi.com (thats a cool online multiplayer boxing management simulator....Like to know how my boys are doing)

Now what I THINK is possible is the acess number or whatever .......When my dial-up acts ......ELITE.....I can connect to both.....And its all fast.
Now I have tried to delete all cookies and temp files but...It 'feels' like its something to do in the dialup connection whatever its called....

Any input or idea's would help I hate proxies they always make it slower and I am impatient........

2003-03-22, 12:11 PM
Sounds like its ISP side... know annyone whit the same ISP as you? Tried another ISP?

2003-03-22, 01:31 PM
Erm try resetting your modem.:D

2003-03-22, 04:36 PM
How do I reset my modem? Now you have the right to call me a nOOb.....

Serious though if you are serious, please describe what you are talking about please........?

2003-03-22, 07:29 PM
Hes on dialup, he cant reset his modem. If you can, get a broadband connection, that would solve any problem with dial up, change your ISP, and give you a much better way to get on the internet.

If you cant get BB, heres a few things to try.

-Uninstall and reinstall your modem, just remember to write down all your ISP information.
-Try switching which slot you modem is in on the motherboard. Not as hard as it sounds, just open your case, find the modem, pull. and move one up or down. This fixed my sound card once, and a friends PCI graphics card.
-Get a new 56K modem. They are relativly cheap, and if any friends just got BB you can steal theirs.
-Call your ISP provider, ask them whats going on.

Good luck

2003-03-22, 09:22 PM
The Gateway Tech guys are idiots! I once had a problem with my screen resolution, and the guy told me to reinstall Windows XP and I had to lose everything.

2003-03-23, 12:21 AM
OMFG V tht SUCKS!!!!! I once called AOL and asked them why my comp was fucked up after they told me to do (1 hour later)........ Their answer was .....Gotta reinstall Windows!!!!!! Luckily I didnt and later just had to reinstall my WINSOCK2 file omfg...........

P.S. A new modem is on the way for FREE cuz I eMa'd Them OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!(OH IF SHE READS THIS FORUM I BE FUCKED! ;) )

2003-03-23, 01:53 AM

2003-03-24, 01:20 PM
Whats even sadder is that I went to an interview at Best Buy. The guy interviewing me was about 10 years younger than me (at the time, I was 27) and when I answered the question about my qualifications, he turned me down on the spot. He said they couldn't hire me because I knew too much. Can you believe that?

Actually, if anyone's been to Best Buy for their version of Tech Help, you'd believe me.

2003-03-25, 06:18 AM
Since we're on the topic of computer , anyone got a link to where I can learn about computer and even better if it include overclocking ? I need knowledge.