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2012-09-06, 09:17 AM
what can they do in general. I'm assuming the Nexus 7 is out or will be. what can they do? Can they fully integrate with a linux desktop with a local wifi connection in the desktop? Or are they restricted from fully using linux. what type of use can you get out of them? Are they worth it. Could I use wifi to bridge my computer to my TV in the next room and give full network range to things with the device for instance and bridge my desktop to anything in the house?

And what would be the ideal tablet to get. do any allow full/free integration with other devices(hardware and/or software wise). None restricted devices that is. And allow you to freely choose who you want to use them through? can you avoid google all together for instance if you get a nexus 7. Or are no hand held computers designed that way atm? Are any by nature just stand alone computers you can use for whatever you want?

I would want to use my local machine to dish out the internet and have a private wifi to connect it to it for instance. And have it act as a wifi bridge for things like large TVs and it be the hub in the network while allowing it to act as a literal arm for my desktop OS in whatever it does. Not sure about long range stuff though...

Basically, do any work as stand alone small portable uber machines to let you do WHATEVER their hardware is capable of handling? This includes OS independence. so you can install whatever you want without needing to use any tied in OS or OS aspects besides maybe drivers(which you should be able to use variants too).

For instance(fantasy situation) I had SWTOR or like game working on linux, and I used the device to feed some or all of the game. I could, say for processing purposes, only have the android handle the video feed(unless it could actually handle the graphics processing*cough*cough*) which the game could send out and use in another room and hook to a large TV in another room using the device as some improvised control system(preferably software utilization to make it better the using than little wand. Something clever fully utilizing it's abilities so it's as convenient and has the options or more than the keyboard shortcut and mouse concept. Or with a keyboard mouse with them allowing remote hookup of said device or some combination(are these thing at all usable like RF controls? what could you get out of one as an input/control device 2d/3d or more?) so I can both use it remotely AND allow a separate mouse/keyboard/control system making my main desktop the mainframe for multi-player use on the system(I would think the games would have to support it but it could be fun. Unless they can run the client independently and have the machine remotely help processing.) So I could have others do the same and play using one machine, if the machine can handle the processing. Or are they not that well designed yet?

Maybe I should say that should be the most basic potential use for one. 8p At least for me to consider buying one.

2012-09-07, 03:57 AM
Since you can gain access to the boot-loader and install your own OS on nexus devices i would think a lot of what you are after is possible.

This is interesting;

I think you would get a more satisfactory answer here: http://www.xda-developers.com/