View Full Version : Graphics card - motherboard compatibility??

2012-09-09, 10:23 PM
New to the PS2 thing and am having issues running this game even on low graphics and it takes away from the game experiences. Assistance for an upgrade would be great! Thanks in advance.
OS: Windows 7-64
PSU: 750W
Current Video card: Geforce 210 (I know needs upgrade:groovy:)
Mobo: MSI MS-7309 AMD Athlon II x4 635 processor 2.8Ghz
RAM: 8gb

I am looking at acquiring a Geforce GTX 460. Would this A) be an apropriate upgrade for the MOBO I use. B) be enough to have a improved gaming experience?

2012-09-10, 08:00 AM
460 is a good card still. Though AMD processors are having a hard time with this game currently. Hopefully SOE can make the performance better. My Phenom II X6 and 7950 (couple leaps up from what you have) were struggling to play this game. In big fights I was getting under 20 FPS :/. My Intel 2500K seems to be getting 2 to 3 times as much FPS compared to this X6 I was using.

That card will support your mobo. The experience? Coming from what I experienced chances are it won't be playable in major fights. Medium size fights you probably will be ok.