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2012-10-02, 07:06 PM
So. I have been browsing the forum looking for unfit nation and to be frank, I just don't understand the language. I am not a pc gamer but I played the Original PS and really want to play this game. Long story short I want to look into buying a computer capable of playing this game and playing it well. I appreciate any and all advice! Thank you!

I have looked at Alienware, that's really the only name I know in pc gaming. Haha ok I'm done. Thanks for reading.

2012-10-02, 08:19 PM
One thing to get out of the way:
It really doesn't matter who put the stuff in the box when you're talking about performance. None of the silicon chips that really affect performance are made by Alienware, for example. They just put the components together.

So, if you're not building it yourself, you really only care about who collects the best bits for the cheapest.

Also: you need to give us your expectations and budget to get any worthwhile recommendations.

2012-10-03, 02:47 AM
So. I have been browsing the forum looking for unfit nation and to be frank, I just don't understand the language.
Sorry, I keep reading this and it's still not making sense. "Unfit nation"?

My advice would be to start learning. Computers probably aren't going anywhere...It'll be useful knowledge for the rest of your life.

2012-10-03, 06:42 AM
If you absolutely must be portable:


However, try reading through the threads various people have created about computer performance and price for good information.

And, you would be amazed at how straightforward it is to just build your own computer.


follow this and you will get some valid help from Goku.

2012-10-03, 12:42 PM
Hey thanks for the responses! Yeah I guess I'll keep reading up on things. As far as price goes, I really don't want to spend more than a thousand dollars. Expectations? I want to play the game as its advertised and at the level at which it's advertised. Thanks for your help guys. And I appreciate the patience. (that flub in my first post was supposed to say "incoation" not "unfit nation" whoops)

2012-10-03, 08:45 PM
Do you need a monitor to go with it? If not, what's the resolution you currently have?

At 1k you should be looking at an Intel Core i5 cpu, 8gb of RAM, and something like an nVidia GTX660 or AMD HD7870 or better graphics card.
That'll play PS pretty well at 1080p resolution

2012-10-05, 10:21 PM
No I do not have a monitor. Thanks for all that. Looks helpful haha

2012-10-11, 05:26 PM
If you need help, you can always turn to http://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/

A good place to start imo