View Full Version : Got a really weird problem here ;_;

2012-11-16, 02:08 PM
So, The game starts just fine (Hell, it even loads fast) and, in the faction selection screen, I cant select any race, so I get stuck with TR. Then I get into a server and create a character. Afterwards I go into the character selection screen where the character I just made doesnt show up. So, I press on create character and I repeat the process. Then, each time I press finish it loops me back again to the faction screen.

I validated my game files, reinstalled the game and nothing seems to be working. A lil help here?

PS: When installing I messed up with the directory and now all the programs and folders are lying around in Program files. Any way I can change the folder place after installing?

2012-11-16, 09:11 PM
I had some strange problems after moving the beta files off my wife's SSD. Just uninstall it, delete everything. Revo Uninstall is a good utility to remove applications with.

With Beta ending today, and game going live tuesday, it might be a little late.