View Full Version : Why do my headphones sound bad through my laptop?

2012-11-23, 01:40 PM
So I bought a new steelseries headset about a month ago, the thing has been awesome so far. I bought a new laptop from sager this summer, and for some reason the sound quality i get from the new sager laptop is much worse than what I get when I plug my headphones into my old Asus. I didn't even realize this until I was forced to use my old laptop because I forgot to bring my Sager's charger home. It is a pretty significant difference, the headphones just sound WAY better plugged into the asus. It was noticeable when listening to music, gaming, or doing anything sound related...

Does anyone know what might be causing this issue and how to fix it?


2012-11-28, 05:10 PM
What kind of quality issue is it? Does it sound quiet, scratchy, or something else? Try to be as descriptive as possible.