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2003-03-27, 09:07 PM
Everyone has one, what's yours? How do you squeeze that extra ounce of speed from your comp?

I don't really have one. I just spend more money.

2003-03-27, 09:12 PM
I use TweakUI (http://www.microsoft.com/ntworkstation/downloads/PowerToys/Networking/NTTweakUI.asp) for all kinds of em

2003-03-27, 09:37 PM
Originally posted by {BOHICA}Navaron
Everyone has one ... I don't really have one.

Interesting... :) I don't really tweak anything because I format often. I hate going through and setting stuff up after I format each time. Besides, I've NEVER noticed a huge change as a result of a tweak. :)

2003-03-27, 09:49 PM
I use TweakUI, registry tweaks, X-Teq systems X-setup (the best), and I disable all services that I don't use. I can't speak for others, but I have noticed pretty significant reload/boot times after all of this, and I have my interface exactly how I want it.

2003-03-28, 04:27 AM
All i do is:

I set the cmos to it's own dedicated IRQ, giving some speed enchansment cross the board

And I set that damn second cache level since XP pretty much never discovers the size of it.

Thats the tweaks i do, quite noticeable increases aswell =)

2003-03-28, 08:14 AM
I setup a profile which I select at boot which has many services disabled, saves about 20mb ram use in idle state. theres loads of wasteful stuff automatically started in XP :)

:) or you can have a search through services.msc if you run Windows XP

increase mem timings to be more agressive if your ram can handle it

Heres the site (http://www.blackviper.com/WinXP/supertweaks.htm)

I also disable themes :) how resource hungry are they! :eek:

2003-03-28, 12:14 PM
and i would have no idea what you guys are talking about:confused: :domotwak: