View Full Version : My ADSL gonna be ok for PS?

2003-03-27, 11:52 PM
I've got your regular old ADSL with a 768k download and 128k upload. This going to be just fine for PS or am I at a pretty big disadvantage as far as an FPS goes? I see other people boasting about their 256k or 768k uploads so it makes me wonder... :confused:

2003-03-28, 01:55 AM
Oh PFFFFFFFF. You're fine. Don't worry. Make sure you know what your daily/weekly/monthly bandwidth limits are (if any), so you can leave some bandwidth for PS while downloading a lot of stuff off of Kazaa. ;)

2003-03-28, 06:10 AM
5kb/sec download and 3kb/sec upload here. :lol: You'll be fine. :p Maybe since you live in my state I can drive to your house and play. ;)

2003-03-28, 10:47 AM
i have 512k down and 256k up... is that good for ps?

2003-03-28, 11:14 AM
Anything better than a 56k modem, people. :p

2003-03-28, 12:11 PM
PS is gonna be rought for all those ppl without 56k. You will be perfectly fine tho, both of you.