View Full Version : Does this Laptop Hardware run Planetside 2

2012-12-14, 05:12 PM
So guys i wanted to ask you if this specific laptop will run planetside 2.
Asus - 15.6" Refurbished Laptop - 6GB Memory - 750GB Hard Drive - Lake Blue

I found this laptop on bestbuy.com and it is only $449.99.

Also if not this laptop then what would be a better choice based your knowledge and experience with the game and computers in general?

2012-12-14, 07:12 PM
Sorry, but listing the ram and hard drive isn't enough info to say if it can run or not.

Just link whatever you are looking to buy. What is your max budget you want to spend?

2012-12-14, 07:13 PM
Those aren't really system specs. We have no idea what sort of hard drive you have other than size. We don't have your processor information, and we don't have your graphics information.

2012-12-15, 10:17 AM

This is the link to the page.
Sorry if it does not actually link you im a kinda new to this website.
My price range is probably no higher than 1200 U.S. dollars.
As far as specs go, i think i5 processor or higher is good, 6-8 GB of RAM for memory, im not really sure about the laptop graphics card that would be needed to run this game.
Lastly i keep seeing something called DirectX 9.0 and i have no idea what that is or if it costs something extrta to put my laptop.

Hopefully this may have been a little more helpful.
I'll check that website you were talking about and look for clues.

2012-12-15, 12:43 PM
What you are looking at there isn't going to run the game. The video card is a Intel one, which is not powerful enough to run the game. Need to be looking at a discrete card.

I'm hearing a lot of praise for the Lenovo Ideapad Y580 recently. You can get a configuration with a quad core i7, 8gb of ram, and a Nvidia GTX 660 with a 15.6 screen for just under $900 (http://shop.lenovo.com/SEUILibrary/controller/e/web/LenovoPortal/en_US/catalog.workflow:category.details?current-catalog-id=12F0696583E04D86B9B79B0FEC01C087&current-category-id=AC523278A4F13F27A84F5F5622D1AC7A#.UMzD2DPiLQd). That will run the game I can tell you that much. Not max settings, but this will certainly be playable.

Direct X 9 is what PS2 runs off of. You will be all set with that laptop I linked for that requirement.

2012-12-15, 06:17 PM
Thank you so much, that does look like a really good idea and a sweet ass laptop.
I'll check into that laptop because it fits my price range and I can actually notify that it works for planetside 2.
If anymore good laptops come up please let me now because this thread has been very helpful so far.

2013-01-29, 02:33 PM
You're talking in US dollars so I assume you're on the other side of the atlantic ocean.

I'm currently looking into the Medion X6823 (950 euros = $1280) , best performance/ratio gaming laptop I've seen, and the feedback seems good according to other forums. On medion.com I can only access european websites. Medionusa.com only provides general information about the company, no webshop or online catalog.

There's probably plenty of other gaming laptop integrators in the Us that I don't know. I've seen in some reviews a brand called Sager (?). Well just check that out... You don't need to sell a kidney for an alienware or an asus ROG to be able to run PS2. But you gotta make a wise choice gpu/cpu wise.