View Full Version : umm wat do u think is wrong?

2003-03-28, 08:49 PM
i got my new computer parts today :
256 mb DDR ram
geforce 4 ti 4200 128 mb.. after i put everything in the comp, i hook everything up and the monitor says no signal... so i got to bring it in to have it checked... but wat do u guys think happened?

2003-03-28, 09:21 PM
I'm assuming those are upgrades to your existing system...

1. Try the new vid card with the old ram and see if that works.

2. Make sure you pushed in the ram all the way, sometimes you have to push pretty hard. :)

3. What motherboard do you have and is it beeping at you or showing any lights flashing? Need some info. :)

2003-03-29, 05:57 AM
Does the PC boot up? i.e can you hear the single beep that comes when you turn it on? Can you hear the HD working as if it's loading something?

Or is it just a blank screen and the PC just stands there doing nothing?

2003-03-29, 09:48 AM
ya the comp boots up.. i can hear windows starting, only when i turn the screen on, it says no signal.. doesnt matter now because i am bringing it in today

2003-03-29, 11:28 AM
same thing happened to me when i got my "blazeing fast" voodoo 3 in 1998 (it was stil crappy back then) adn the monitor wouldnt start try jiggleing around the card besure its in all the way it can be tricky and check the cable running from the monitor to pc besure it screwed in right aside from that i dont know what else could be wrong