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2003-03-29, 07:37 PM
Ok, my computer is running really good right now after my upgrade. I now am in the market for a good computer case. I've visited all my usual haunts in looking for one and haven't come across one I like, except for a case at CompUSA. It has 3 windows with fans on it, along with two fans in the back of the case and two more in the front. It also includes front panel USB, Audio and a Firewire passthru cable that is grommeted into a dust cover on the back of the case. It also has some funky neon "bubble" lights on the front that really make this case look sharp. This case retails for $100, but was thinking that I really don't need a windowed case, as my computer desk has a Tower station attached below the desk itself. Where the fans are a good idea, the windows are not practical for me IMO. Can anyone provide me with links to their favorite case resellers/retailers? The help is appreciated.

2003-03-29, 08:50 PM
www.antec.com (http://www.antec.com) makes some really good cases.

The Specialty "LanBoy" is really nice.

2003-03-29, 09:10 PM
This is the case I own. 5 led fans. 420watt power supply.



2003-03-29, 11:21 PM
I am partial to antec, cuz its done me very well, but there are LOTS of great cases out for very cheap. If your specs above are all you need, almost all cases these days come with those for half the price.

and the website isn't antec.com its http://www.antec-inc.com/pro_enclosures.html

2003-03-30, 02:22 AM
Here's where I got my case: http://www.bestbyte.net/Category.cfm?CategoryID=2&Keyword=

My Case: http://www.bestbyte.net/Product.cfm?ProductID=704&CategoryID=2&Keyword=

Pics: Front (,front.JPG) -- Inside (,side,inside.JPG) -- Back (,back.JPG)
It's kinda messy looking with all the wires and the couple extra holes I cut out since I'm overclocking it a lot.

When I bought this case it was ~$70 (USD) and was well worth it. There's no PSU included(I always buy a Sparkle PSU seperately), but from the sound of it you don't need a new PSU.

This case is very nice for it's price. It's made out of Aluminum and has no sharp edges anywhere on it.
It also passed the "flex test". Some Al cases are quite flimsy and you can tell if they are by trying to twist the top and bottom of the case in seperate directions.
Aluminum cases also act like giant heatsinks, since Aluminum has better thermal conductivity then Steel.

This case has served me well, it has 3 3.5" bays and 4 5.25" bays which should be enough for most people. It also includes front access for 2 Firewire ports, 2 USB ports, a headphone jack, and a microphone jack.

Also, some may be concerned about the clear acrylic panel on the bottom of the front. Mine still doesn't have a single scratch or fingerprint on it.

I really like it :nod:

Sure beats those crappy Dell™ cases :p