View Full Version : omg i cant believe it

2003-03-29, 08:55 PM
i got my new geforce 4 ti 4200 128mb today, and i installed it, and my computer used to run at 17 fps.. and now it is running at a whopping 90 fps.. i love it.. and my 512 mb ram helps too

2003-03-30, 12:43 AM
Orgasmic, isn't it? ;) What proggy is that, BTW?

2003-03-30, 09:33 AM
proggy? well if u mean game, battlefield 1942 with all settings on max

2003-03-30, 10:50 AM
Ah, pardon my hardcore nerdspeak. :p Yes, proggy=program=game. Not bad on BF1942, BTW... that game actually isn't coded too well, and getting a steady 90 FPS on that is a sign of a good card. Who'd you buy from, out of curiosity?

2003-03-30, 10:52 AM
i bought it from www.gateway.com ya this is the sad thing about my old card.. i used to get 17 FPS with all the settings on LOW!!.. now i can have em all on high and get 99fps

2003-03-30, 10:57 AM
Uf. They're selling 3DForce cards.


Culkid, the card itself is good, but if you game a lot keep an eye/ear on the fan of the card. There's a good chance it'll start acting up in a few months. If it does, head down to your local computer shop and replace the fan with a nice Crystal Orb fan or something similar.