View Full Version : how do i tell what kind of agp it is?*56k warning*

2003-03-30, 01:34 AM
I know theres difernt types of agp 2x 4x and 8 x how do i tell what kind my pc has i have prettymuch new pentum 4 sony viao computer i opened it up and i took out the old video card a nvida tntriva 2 32 mb adn it has three little slots on it like this
| | |
----| ---------|-----|

sorry bout the crappy ascii art i got my digital camera to work but most of me didnt come out heres the ones that did




sorry bout the big size adn the crappy picture (i need to get battary) can you guys tell what kind of agp slot that is?

2003-03-30, 01:55 AM
OK, first off those pictures are practically unviewable. Can you get some better ones?

Second... uh. Was there a BROWN slot next to the white ones? You didn't mention one. An AGP slot is usually brown, smaller, and in a slightly different position than the PCI (white) slots.

The Viao-ness makes me fear there isn't an AGP slot in the machine (in which case you are quite fux0r'd.)

As for your AGP SPEED... assuming you have a slot, it might say on the slot itself. Also, if you have the Viao's old spec sheet, look on that. It might say. I also know that the 4x.xx series of Detonators tell you the AGP speed when you bring up the properties of those in the settings tab of the display control panel.

2003-03-30, 02:13 AM
the pics suck and yea the black shape that the flashlight was on is the agp slot and it turns out its 4x thanks for the help that cancles out the 9700 i guess im sticking with the ti 4600

2003-03-30, 02:55 AM
dude you can still get the 9700!!! 8x agp doesn't mean anything..... it runs no different than 4x...

2003-03-30, 05:27 AM
AGP 8x means something..... just that the game developers hasn't taken advantage of it yet.

Annyways, all AGP cards are backwards compatible... you can run a radeon 9700 on a AGP 2.0 standard or 4x AGP slot.

2003-03-30, 10:44 AM
Yeah, it'll be a while before games need all the bandwidth AGP 8x can provide. You can go for a Raddy 9700 PRO (heck, I believe they even work on 2x slots, or am I being stupid?)

(Also offhand, just how much bandwidth IS an 8x slot again? ~4GB per second? I know 4x is 2.4GB/S...)

2003-03-30, 10:47 AM
The AGP slots use a 32 bit system and run on 66mhz....

That gives AGP 8X a bandwith of 2gb/sec.

2003-03-30, 10:51 AM
*beats self with Tellah's staff* right, thanks.